Design your 2019 retail marketing growth plan

Design your retail marketing growth plan
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Design your 2019 retail marketing growth plan

Author: Irene Malatesta | March 22, 2019

Will this be the year you expand your retail business?

With sensational titles like “retail apocalypse“In the recent news, you might think retail is in a serious slump.

It’s not quite that simple.

While it’s true that shopping malls are struggling and large chain retailers such as Sears, Gap and Walgreens have closed dozens of stores in recent years, the big retail picture is much more than that. position.

Department stores and popular brands may have lost popularity among consumers, but that doesn’t mean people don’t shop. More than 3,800 stores opened more than they closed in 2018 among major chains, and according to the December 2018 Mastercard SpendPulse report, actual holiday spending grew 5.1% to $850 billion – the highest level in six years. Apparel has had a particularly strong holiday season, with a 7.9% year-over-year growth rate – the best growth since 2010.

“With unemployment low and consumer confidence high, the promising new year for retailers is poised to expand,” says Rieva Lesonsky, small business expert and author, in the new ebook. for Fundbox.

Design your retail marketing growth plan

If you run a brick-and-mortar retail or e-commerce business, chances are you’re considering potential growth opportunities this year.

In Lesonsky’s latest e-book for Fundbox, she shares step-by-step how to develop your own retail growth plan. Plus tips and insights from retail expert Georganne Bender (Co-Founder of Kizer & Bender), Bob Phibbs (CEO of Retail Doctor), Joel Libava (also known as Franchise King), and other experts.

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In this e-book you will learn:

  • How to identify the right growth opportunities for you,
  • How to evaluate your expansion options and
  • How to prepare yourself financially for growth.

“From technological innovation to demographic change, retail is undergoing a revolution. There has never been a more exciting time to be a part of this industry, says Lesonsky. “I wrote this guide to help retailers capitalize on today’s transformative trends. I hope it helps you make the most of the amazing opportunities — both online and offline — that today’s retail landscape has to offer.”

Get a free ebook: Design your retail growth plan

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