Defying police orders after a car crash, New Zealand’s justice minister lost her job

, Defying police orders after a car crash, New Zealand’s justice minister lost her job


New Zealand Justice Minister Kiri Allan resigned today (July 24) after police charged her with reckless driving and resisting arrest following a car crash.

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said Mrs Allan was involved in a car crash just after 9pm on July 23 in Wellington. Police arrested the minister before releasing her four hours later.

Police allege Ms. Allan recklessly operated a motor vehicle and refused to cooperate with authorities after causing the accident. Ms. Allan received a notice of traffic violation and will appear in court a day later.

Ms. Allan, once considered a rising star of the Labor Party, recently resigned from her job to seek mental health treatment. This decision came after she publicly broke up with her partner and faced accusations of having a bad working relationship with employees.

Prime Minister Hipkins revealed that he had talked to Ms. Allan on the morning of 24/7, and expressed that this female politician is not currently suitable to continue as a minister because it is unacceptable for the Justice Department leader to be charged with a criminal offence.

Ms. Allan agreed with this view and resigned. However, she is still a member of Parliament.

According to the Guardian, Ms Allan’s case is the latest in a series of scandals involving ministers in the New Zealand Government, less than three months before national elections will take place. Recent polls show that the conservative opposition has risen or surpassed the ruling Liberal Party in voter support, promising dramatic votes.

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