Deadline – The fear of Gen Z

, Deadline – The fear of Gen Z

A female Gen Z employee confided: “At that time, I only had food on the spot and drank energy drinks to stay awake for work.”

Deadline is understood as a timeline to complete and submit work and study results. With the current stressful study and work pace, many Gen Z young people feel shy and afraid when it comes to deadlines. 

Gen Z lives in a situation where there is always a “tough” deadline.

Due to constant deadlines, Gen Z drinks energy drinks and stays awake for 3 days - 1Due to constant deadlines, Gen Z drinks energy drinks and stays awake for 3 days - 1
(Artwork: SDR).

Nghiem Thi Hue (communication company employee) shared: “Because of the busy nature of my work, on average, I spend about 2-3 hours working overtime every day to meet deadlines to keep up with the work schedule. That happens almost continuously every day of the week.”

Although the work schedule is extremely busy, according to Hue, running the deadline partly benefits her work and helps her develop her capacity. To prioritize work, Hue always tries to cut time for herself to keep up with the progress.

This young girl said that before, when she was a second-year student, she spent nearly 60 hours, or nearly 3 days in a row, to complete her second semester project. She said: “Even that time. , I only deal with meals on the spot and drink energy drinks to stay awake for work.”

According to Bui Minh Duc, a marketing staff member, on average, it takes about 2-3 days for him to complete a specific job.

“Running the deadline has become a habit because almost every task he applies the “water to the feet to jump” method, Mr. Duc said comfortably.

Gen Z – the generation familiar with deadlines

Due to constant deadlines, Gen Z drinks energy drinks, stays awake for 3 days - 2Due to constant deadlines, Gen Z drinks energy drinks, stays awake for 3 days - 2
Running deadlines affects the wages of many Gen Z employees (Photo: BĐĐĐL).

The image of students carrying laptops anytime, anywhere, working for the club they join or complete assignments is not strange. On social networks, at many forums and groups sharing about work, many young people unanimously choose the time frame 0am-4am as the “zodiac hour” to complete all their work for the day.

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According to a study by psychologist Kimberly Key, and founder of family development organization Encompass Work & Family, stressful deadlines not only kill brain cells, reduce ability to create and create pressure during the completion of work. Over time, working quickly in a short time will form a habit, people will become “addicted” to that risky working style.

According to Hue, if you spend too much time at work, neglect to take care of yourself, your health is not guaranteed, even if you run the deadline, the work results will be ineffective, on the contrary, it will also hurt your mental health. , physical. Therefore, she believes that it is extremely important to arrange the process and prepare the basic steps to create the premise for a more convenient job completion process. The results received are completed on time, from which the salary and bonus are also “on time”.

Although she is aware that running a deadline causes negative effects on her health and ability to work, according to this female employee, she still has to often complete a large amount of work in a short time. Because in today’s fiercely competitive job environment, work results still need to be a top priority.

How to complete work on time but still ensure health?

Not all individuals are aware and perform the right ways of doing things. Many young people due to the nature of work, fiercely competitive working environment such as finance, design or IT requires a huge amount of work and knowledge in a fixed time. As for the students, even when they were still at school, they participated in many clubs, NGOs, jobs to beautify their CVs, earn money, so balancing time for work and Time for yourself is quite difficult.

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According to Nguyen Hoang Quynh, a 4th-year marketing student at Thang Long University, if you only work hard to meet the work deadline while you are still at school, it will erode your health, further affect your study and exam results. Therefore, she prioritizes her studies, besides joining the club she likes, or choosing a light part-time job, in order to control the workload and time in the best way.

“You should not take on too many things at the same time, or work too hard, which adversely affects the learning path; if prolonged, it can delay graduation time and miss future plans,” Quynh said.

Is Deadline really “killing” our youthful days? Only you can find your own answers.


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