Da Nang worry tourism will be ‘cold’ again after the peak season

, Da Nang worry tourism will be ‘cold’ again after the peak season

Tourism businesses in Da Nang are concerned that when the summer tourist season (also the peak season for domestic tourism) is over, the market will fall into a quiet state again, many hotels will close if there is no solutions right now.

As of May, about 1,114 tourism businesses have resumed operations, reaching a rate of nearly 70%, according to updated information from the Danang Department of Tourism.

In which, there are 700 tourist accommodation establishments with 27,000 rooms, accounting for 70% of the number of accommodation establishments in this central coastal city. All 16 tourist attractions have resumed operations, besides 210 travel agencies, 170 transport units with 2,100 tourist vehicles and 18 out of 21 cruise ships serving guests.

These businesses returned to serving tourists during the past two holidays (anniversary of Hung Kings and International Labor Day), creating a premise for tourism development again.

As noted, these businesses are still actively recruiting personnel as well as promoting product packages to attract customers in the next three summer months (the peak season for domestic tourists).

“After that time, the tourism market in Da Nang may fall into a depression if there are no international visitors to make up for it,” said Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Anh, director of Omega Tours travel company and also Chairman of Da Nang Travel Association. He raised the prospect that many hotels and restaurants will again close and wait to wait for customers to return.

Mr. Ngoc Anh further explained, after the peak season for domestic tourism, usually the last months of the year are the international tourist season. However, at present, according to Mr. Ngoc Anh, although the policy of opening up to the world has existed, the Da Nang tourism market has not yet been able to welcome many delegations from international flights for different reasons.

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“The Korean Mid-Autumn Festival falls around the full moon of August. This is also considered one of the biggest traditional New Year’s holidays and the official holiday of the year in this country of kimchi,” Mr. Ngoc Anh said that if Da Nang does not take this opportunity to strongly promote the destination, attract Korean tourists, create a premise to welcome its largest international tourist market back, customers will think about choosing another destination.

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Mr. Nguyen Minh Xoang, General Director of Hai Van Cat International Travel Service Company, said that accommodation establishments and restaurants will calculate operating costs when opening regularly.

If after the peak periods, the number of visitors is not enough to cover the cost, the establishments will have to calculate the scale of operation or even accept to close again and wait for domestic customers at the beginning of the new year. Currently, after the holidays, most travel companies welcome many guests on three weekends and almost “rest” in the first four days of the week.

Therefore, according to Mr. Xoang, to solve this problem, all parties – businesses, tourism industry and authorities – must immediately shake hands and come up with solutions to attract harmoniously. domestic and international visitors.

Representatives of some tourism businesses in Da Nang, when asked, also said that they were in a similar situation and wanted to welcome domestic and international visitors, not just promising plans.

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