Da Nang is on the list of economical beach resorts in the summer of 2023

, Da Nang is on the list of economical beach resorts in the summer of 2023


According to Booking.com, Da Nang is known for its stunning stretch of coastline, was awarded Vietnam’s most livable city, and is located close to three world cultural heritage sites: Hue Imperial Palace, Hoi An Ancient Town, and My Son Sanctuary. Da Nang is also well-known among international tourists for having some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world.

Visitors to this Vietnamese coastal city may relax on the beach or participate in exciting water sports and other leisure activities on the sea. Ba Na Hills is a popular tourist destination for individuals who enjoy fresh air and a variety of equally appealing leisure activities. Tours to traditional historical villages and learning to create lanterns are additional significant activities that both domestic and international visitors enjoy.

According to Booking.com, while 74% of Vietnamese visitors indicated they would save more money this year, a significant number (61%) said they were prepared to spend a lot if the experience was worth it.

According to the Travel Confidence Index (TCI) 2023 study for the Asia Pacific region (APAC), finance is the top issue for Vietnamese people (40%) this year, and travelers are seeking particular ways to save money. To save money, 44% of Vietnamese visitors will go during low seasons, and 37% will select less costly areas.

Furthermore, 43% of Vietnamese visitors would fully utilize loyalty programs to obtain additional rewards, the largest percentage among APAC nations (followed by India 29% and Australia 23%).


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