Da Nang in the top 11 best destinations in Asia 2024

, Da Nang in the top 11 best destinations in Asia 2024


Da Nang is the sole representative of Vietnam and ranks second in the list of the 11 best places in Asia for travelers to visit in 2024.

The Da Nang Department of Tourism Promotion (Da Nang Tourism) reported that the prestigious world travel magazine Condé Nast Traveller (USA) has recently unveiled a series of lists featuring the best destinations worldwide to visit in 2024.

In the Asian list, Da Nang is the only representative from Vietnam, alongside renowned destinations such as Chinatown in Bangkok (Thailand), the Kathmandu Valley (Nepal), the Silk Road in Uzbekistan, Singapore, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, and more.

binh minh son tra sunrise on son tra do ngoc ha 1.jpg

Son Tra dawn (Da Nang). Photo by Do Ngoc Ha

To make it onto this list, Da Nang had to meet rigorous criteria set by the CN Traveller editorial team. The voting participants for the destinations were travel experts from around the world. In addition to providing destination information, these experts had to present convincing reasons for why one should visit each place.

The American magazine observes that after gradually lifting travel restrictions and border closures due to the pandemic, Asia has bounced back, becoming more vibrant, daring, and ambitious than ever.

Da Nang, in particular, is cited as “one of the most successful examples of Asia’s post-Covid tourism recovery.” In the first nine months of the year, Da Nang welcomed over 1.6 million international visitors, surpassing the target set at the beginning of the year of receiving 1.5 million visitors. Several international flights have resumed from Da Nang Airport, contributing to an increased influx of tourists to the city.

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Attractions such as the Son Tra Peninsula, home to the 17-story Lady Buddha statue standing at 67 meters, and the endangered brown-shanked douc langurs in the natural reserve, are some of the tourist draws. The Central Vietnam specialties, such as Quang noodles, add another distinctive touch to the exploration of this region.



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