Creative art space from rags in Hanoi


Students in Hanoi city have launched the project 4V – For “Vải” For Vietnam in order to create community awareness about green lifestyle and waste reduction. Collecting rags from private tailors across the city and creating artworks, the young people opened an exhibition about Hanoi called “Lớp lớp Hà Nội” (Layers of Hanoi).

Different layers of Hanoi may be viewed via creative art paintings, ranging from architectural, historical, and cultural layers to emotional and human layers, contributing to the capital’s richness and diversity.

Through the numerous experiments of writers and new materials, visitors to “Layers of Hanoi” may experience multiple layers of distinct viewpoints on a city with a vast history of thousands of years of civilization.

Lớp Lớp Hà Nội”- Trải nghiệm đa tầng những góc nhìn khác nhau về Thủ đô - Báo Đại biểu Nhân dân

Lớp Lớp Hà Nội”- Trải nghiệm đa tầng những góc nhìn khác nhau về Thủ đô - Báo Đại biểu Nhân dân

More than 200 rag paintings will be auctioned off to raise funding for tree planting in Bac Quang district, Ha Giang province. Not only did the young people’s effort provide an exciting artistic experience, but it also promoted the message of recycling and protecting the environment.

The “Layers of Hanoi” exhibition takes place from July 22 to 25, at the Fine Arts Gallery (16 Ngo Quyen, Hanoi). The exhibition is the result of the 4V Vietnam project, organized by a group of students from universities in Hanoi, with the desire to raise public awareness about a green lifestyle without waste, through recycling 100 kg of rags and leftover fabrics from small private tailors in Hanoi.


The 4V Vietnam project has excellently won first place at the “ASEAN Social Impact Program” 2023, organized by Fulbright University Vietnam, through the sponsorship of the US Agency for International Development.

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