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The name of the country of Vietnam through history

From the time the Vietnamese established the first dynasty to the present day, there are many different titles for the territory in which the people live. The first name was Van Lang, used to refer to the original kingdom in North Vietnam ruled by King Hung. This name was maintained until 258 BC, then it was replaced by the national name Au Lac when An Duong Vuong unified the Van Lang and Au Viet tribes into a unified country, their territory spread across the country. as far as Guangxi.

After the kingdom of Au Lac collapsed, Vietnam was divided into two parts called Giao Chi and Cuu Chan. However, during the interruption of that rule, Ly Bi, a historical national hero, stood up and founded a dynasty named Van Xuan before perishing in 602 AD. .

However, in AD 968, when Dinh Bo Linh unified the civil war factions, the new kingdom was renamed Dai Co Viet, just roughly translated as “Great Vietnam”. However, this title only lasted for 86 years and was again replaced by the Ly dynasty with the name Dai Viet, which also means “great Vietnam”. This title has the longest application period in Vietnamese history, from the beginning of the Ly Dynasty in 1054 to the Nguyen Dynasty in 1800.

However, during this period there was also a period of 7 years when Vietnam was called Dai Ngu, which Ho Dyshima called “Dai Thai Binh”, and another 20 years without the title. In 1804, the national name Dai Viet was finally replaced and replaced by the Vietnamese name used to this day. The official name of the country is the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

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What does Vietnam mean?

Vietnam should be correctly written as Vietnam. Viet is the name of an ethnic group, including 54 ethnic groups across the country. Nam means South. Vietnam means Vietnamese people living in the South.

For many people, Vietnam is not a strange name when it has appeared in the international press and media for a long time. But what remains in their minds is only war images in a hidden corner of Southeast Asia, nothing more, nothing less. Therefore, almost no one knows the meaning of the name and the long history of formation of that distant country.

The name Vietnam dates back to when King Gia Long wanted to change the country’s name to Nam Viet, a combination of the names of regions in Vietnam, including Annam and Viet Thuong, later changed to Vietnam as it is today. There are many other theories about the meaning of the name and the most reasonable explanation is that the name is a skillful combination of both geographical and ethnic factors.

In short, Vietnam means Vietnamese people according to the second interpretation or synonymous with the unification of different regions in the country of Vietnam according to the first interpretation.

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