Cost of living in Vietnam in 2022 as a foreign expat

, Cost of living in Vietnam in 2022 as a foreign expat

Vietnam is one of the most popular countries for tourists and expats because it’s a cheap destination, with plenty to see and do. However, Vietnam living cost can keep your finances a little on edge. This article provides information about the cost of living in Vietnam 2022.

On average, goods and services are cheaper here than they are in other countries. Overall, life in Vietnam may amaze you if you look forward to having something that is more affordable. Nevertheless, because of the inflation and the rising prices of commodities (especially crude oil), it does significantly increase the living costs and budget you have to plan a a foreign expat living in Vietnam.

The question many people usually ask me is: how expensive is Ho Chi Minh City ? How much to live in Vietnam ? We’re going to find out in this page, inspired from this updated resource. for Don’t miss the video inside that will cover 3 other common expenses expats have to consider while living in Vietnam : entertainment, vacation, food and provide you the overall budget and monthly expenses for living in Vietnam.

1. Rental and housing

Rent in Vietnam is considered to be quite cheap. With the exchange rates at just over 1 USD to the Vietnamese dong, this makes it even more feasible.

Renting a decent apartment in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City costs around 650 USD – 1,000 USD per month (The prices vary greatly as the location of where you live determines the price). A room for two can be obtained for about 400 USD per month if you live in a local district like Go Vap or Binh Thanh. In major hubs like district 1, district 2, district 3, and district 4, rents are higher as these areas are known as the center of Saigon. Foreigners have more options for food and entertainment that are friendlier for expats.

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2. Healthcare in Vietnam

Healthcare in Vietnam is not top-notch, but it’s also not bad for a developing country with plenty of room for improvement.

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healthcare costs and expenses in Vietnam

healthcare costs and expenses in Vietnam

And the price of the service here is insanely affordable. For example, teeth cleaning is cheap here. Some places charge around 9 USD, and a couple of other small dentists charge just around 5 USD.

Moreover, healthcare at public hospitals feels like they only charge you little to none for consultancy services. I came to a public hospital for a casual health check, and it cost me just 5 dollars to figure out the problem.

Another point worth mentioning is health insurance in Vietnam. As a foreigner here, you need an insurance package to cover your healthcare expenses. There’s plenty to choose according to your standard. Personally, I chose a 400$ insurance that covers my whole-year healthcare expenses.

3. Vietnam visa cost

The Visa fee doesn’t seem to be a big issue, but it’s worth taking into account.

Visa renewal requires you to fly out of the country. So you have to spend on flight tickets and visa renewal services. It may not cost much. However, it does add up to the budget. Make sure to manage that carefully. Including the travel expenses, flight ticket and one or two night in the neighboring country : visa renewal total expenses can cost up to 300 USD.

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4. Transportation

You don’t get to experience the state-of-the-art transportation system in Vietnam, but you get to experience something unique in return.

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The most popular form of transportation is the motorbike. As a foreigner, you can either rent one or buy one. The prices are pretty alright, based on your demand. You can easily rent one for 50 – 100 USD per month, buy a used bike for more or less than 300 USD, and get yourself a brand-new premium version for around 1,000 USD.

Also, there are 3 other expenses that you must know so you can estimate a suitable budget for your relocation journey. Make sure to check the video below and see if you can collect useful information.

This video illustrate the 7 most common costs that foreigners have plan ahead if they want to relocate to Vietnam. Besides the 4 expenses reviewed on this article, you will learn about entertainment costs, vacation prices, monthly eating budget and discover how much does it cost to live in Vietnam ?

If you have been living in Vietnam, feel free to share in the comment below your monthly expat living expenses covering all the costs for a decent life in Vietnam.

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