Controversial opinion: The shelf life of each apartment should only be 50 – 70 years

, Controversial opinion: The shelf life of each apartment should only be 50 – 70 years

Some experts believe that the useful life of each apartment should only be from 50 to 70 years, depending on the construction quality of each project.

The shelf life of each apartment should only be 50 – 70 years

Not until now, the apartment use term of only 50-70 years has aroused public interest when recently, in the outline of the Law on Housing (amended) being submitted by the Ministry of Construction for appraisal and approval. Comments have proposed a plan for an apartment building with a definite term according to the useful life of the mentioned work.

Before that, the issue of how many years to own an apartment was also controversial. Many experts believe that regulations on apartment ownership need a certain amount of time when in fact, severely degraded old apartment buildings are facing difficulties in handling. Unknowingly, slums form right in big cities.

Sharing about this issue, Prof. Dang Hung Vo, former Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment frankly pointed out, many old apartments are degraded in typical areas such as Thanh Cong and Nguyen Cong Tru, but the problem of renovation is not easy because people do not accept the compensation offered.

After the 50-year apartment use expires, can homebuyers be compensated if they have to relocate? - Photo 1.After the 50-year apartment use expires, can homebuyers be compensated if they have to relocate? - Photo 1.

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This expert said that people are familiar with the way of thinking that condominiums are owned indefinitely, for eternity for their children, or when they are rebuilt and rebuilt, they will be highly compensated.

GS. Dang Hung Vo said that the work has expired, so it should only be demolished and rebuilt, but cannot be repaired. It is true that people’s psychology may be confused, but if we let them permanently use the apartment, we will again fall into the state of old and dilapidated dormitory buildings.

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According to Mr. Vo, the useful life of each apartment should only be 50 – 70 years depending on the construction quality of each project.

Meanwhile, Dr. Architects. To Kien once posed the question: “How old is the apartment to be “liquidated”?

According to TS.KTS. To Kien, the answer is related to the rate and threshold of degradation that are supposed to be liquidated, which are viewed differently in different countries. In developed countries, the need for urban regeneration is higher than for new development. The rebuilding or renovation of old apartments contributes to that urban regeneration.

For example, Japan is famous for the quality and durability of its products and for taking great care of everything, including the house. Therefore, their apartment buildings degrade very slowly. Not to mention, the construction is well maintained periodically, so the rate of deterioration is still slow. Therefore, the main reason for old apartments in Japan to need to be liquidated is not necessarily deterioration but “out of fashion”. Normally, the life of the apartment building expires when it reaches 50 years, it needs to be dam and rebuilt. This number is reasonable because after all these decades, the context, needs and lifestyle will be very different.

The problem of relocating when the apartment expires

“If the apartment is expired, the home buyer will lose all the money of billions of dollars?” That is the worry of many people when choosing to buy an apartment to live in. In fact, the problem of relocation after the apartment has expired, there are no directions and solutions. For example, in Vietnam, the settlement of compensation between the investor and the people in the degraded apartment complex has not yet found a consensus. Or as the problem when people move to resettlement areas, they face poor service quality.

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Some experts suggest that if the 50-70 year period expires, the state should grant people the right to use another apartment, based on the value of the apartment at that time. People pay extra costs. But the problem occurs, that is, it is difficult to determine the use value of the used apartment to reach the consensus of the seller and the management agency.

Architects. Dr. To Kien shared his experience in the world, which is the difference in relocation and resettlement. This expert said that, in many developed countries, the rental rate is relatively high. There are many reasons, including moving to work, not being able to afford to buy, and especially not having the traditional thought that it is necessary to own a new home to “settle in and live in peace”, to “have a good life”. “land for planting” like in us.

Therefore, if they have a quick need, they will rent it for 2-3 years, and if it is for a long time, it will take 5-7 years, so if there is an apartment building that has to be rebuilt, the probability of falling into a tenant is not high. Moreover, the contract often contains a clause that in that case they are forced to move but with financial compensation.

Or when buying a house, the contract often has a clause that when the house expires, they have to accept the dam and rebuild it with conditions of compensation suitable to the market at that time, without a veto. In short, only strict and strict laws and a sense of good human morality can solve the root of the problem in a common consensus.

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