Com (plain boiled rice)

, Com (plain boiled rice)
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Vietnamese daily meals contain from 3 to 4 courses but most of the time the essential side dish is always “Cơm”.

It can be made from different kinds of rice, depending on personal interest and family budget. The most favorite one is “Cơm” made from “Tám thơm” rice due to its special fragrance and moderate stickiness. In the past, “Cơm” was cooked in clay pot over wood fire. Now, it is more convenient for housewives to have a good electricity rice cooker, but the flavor cannot measure up to the former. Making a good pot of “Cơm” is not so difficult.
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Although the cover of rice is rich of nutrients and vitamins, but it will reduce the taste of “Cơm”. So, firstly, wash rice carefully; put rice in a pot and fill the pot with water of moderate amount, and cook for 30-40 minutes. It is necessary to stir the rice by a big flat chopstick, called “đũa cả”, to make the rice well-done when the pot starts to be dry.

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