Chinese’s 88 million VND electric cars have appeared in Vietnam.


The unidentified Chinese electric car being sold at 88 million Vietnamese dong is not legally allowed to operate on Vietnamese roads due to not meeting the required inspection standards.

The trend of Chinese electric cars has started reaching into Vietnam, starting with small-sized models. After the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV, other ultra-compact electric cars have followed suit, but their brand names are unclear. They are being sold online for 88 million Vietnamese dong. It is noteworthy that these vehicles are not registered for inspection and thus do not meet the required standards for road use.

With a price tag of 88 million Vietnamese dong, equivalent to a premium scooter such as the Honda SH 125, Honda PCX, or Vespa Sprint, this “unbranded” electric car appears more like a “toy” vehicle than a proper electric car. The details on the car indicate a patchwork design, lacking synchronization.

The car’s body dimensions are only 2,400 mm in length, 1,250 mm in width, and 1,600 mm in height. It has a maximum speed limit of 35 km/h. The design features small and fragile-looking wheels, resembling those found on golf carts. The only modern aspect is the LED lighting system. However, the four doors reveal crude hinges, reminiscent of inexpensive model cars.

In addition to the patchwork exterior details, the interior also reflects a crude and toy-like appearance. The seats are flat and lacking in design, while the control buttons appear to be assembled from a flea market. The car lacks an air conditioning system and instead has two fans plugged into the 12-volt electrical system. The steering wheel resembles that of a toy electric car for children.

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Currently, it is unclear what the capacity of the battery system in this car is. However, the seller mentioned that the charging time for the battery is around 8-9 hours, similar to the high-end configuration of the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV, a popular Chinese electric car.

With an unbranded vehicle and a design that resembles toy electric cars for children, the car lacks safety features and cannot be registered or inspected. This poses a significant risk of accidents if driven on public roads. It is likely that this car is intended for use only within closed residential areas in Vietnam.


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