Che-Sweet Pudding

, Che-Sweet Pudding
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One of the must-trys when you get to Vietnam is che- a variety of sweet pudding texture desert.
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They come in many different forms, colors, thickness and tastes- such as che do den (black turtle bean); che do xanh (mung bean); che dau do (red kidney bean); che khoai mon (taro); che com (young green rice); che sen (lotus seed). Some prefer to have individual type of che while others like it better when mixing them all to create che thap cam (mixed all). Most che restaurants and food stalls add shredded fresh coconut, coconut milk, grass jelly or tapioca pearl to give che more flavour. Some places place che in a glass while others in a bowl.
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Che is a local favourite all over the country. It is served as desert or mid-day snack, in high-end restaurant like Quan An Ngon or in random food stalls on the street. It is enjoyed in any kind of weather, and provides a nutritious energy boost for the day. Have che on your top list or you will miss a big part of Vietnamese cuisine picture.

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