Charlie Puth has arrived in Vietnam


Charlie Puth arrived at Cam Ranh airport early morning on July 21 to prepare for the 8Wonder performance in Nha Trang the following day. Fans are excited since this is the first time the American artist has visited Vietnam.

Despite flying late at night, the male singer was greeted cordially by the media and fans. The singer was also delighted to meet Vietnamese fans. He was always smiling and waving to the audience, and he was always eager to answer reporters’ questions. After that, the celebrity proceeded to the car to return to the hotel to relax after a long journey.

The organizers have confirmed that Charlie Puth will perform the 75-minute show on a stage designed exclusively for this music festival. Furthermore, the male singer will have an exclusive collaboration with Vpop musicians, which has excited fans’ interest.

Charlie Puth announced that his appearance at 8Wonder was part of his world tour The Charlie Live Experience. Many songs on the set list are from the male singer’s new album CHARLIE. In addition, Charlie Puth’s well-known singles such as Attention, How Long, We Don’t Talk Anymore will be performed.

Notably, Vietnam is the first destination of Charlie Puth’s Asian tour.

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