Canh – Vietnamese Broth and Soup

, Canh – Vietnamese Broth and Soup
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Vietnamese cuisine has many kinds of “canh”. From daily family meals to wedding banquet, Canh is always considered an essential dish.

“Canh” (soup) is made of broth boiled in deep skillet with various kinds of vegetables, meat and seafood.. Ingredients are marinated with spices and cooked until well-done. Canh usually has quite a lot of broth that can be used to souse on steamed rice, bunor lettuce and herbs.

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Types of canh

There are a large variety of Canh and depending on regions and seasons, we choose the appropriate ingredients to make Canh. We can name here some of them: vegetable broth, sour soup, thick solid sou like potatoes cooked with ribs. 

Each kind has its own flavor and triggers a distinctive taste. Making Canh is not difficult but to be able to show your cooking style through Canh is an art. Check out this link for most popular Canh types in Vietnam.

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