Budget tip: Try local drinks

, Budget tip: Try local drinks
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When it comes to drinking, Vietnamese coffee has rules, both in terms of taste and price! We highly recommend trying Vietnamese coffee, which costs less than $1 in most places. If you want to try something more adventurous, enjoy some cocktails from different bars in Hanoi or Saigon. The price of a drink usually ranges from $2 to $3.
, Budget tip: Try local drinksPhoto: nguyenlieutrasua.com

Beers average $0.75 to $1. Some places can even surprise you with prices as low as $0.50. Of course, you should try the famous bia hoi (fresh beer) in Vietnam. This beer is usually brewed early in the morning and is sold at some street corner stalls for under $0.25.

It should be noted that vending machines are used in Vietnam, so you should look for groceries on the street if you suddenly need water and there are no cafes nearby.

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