Budget Tip: Tipping (When Not Necessary)

, Budget Tip: Tipping (When Not Necessary)
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Cheap, no tips!
, Budget Tip: Tipping (When Not Necessary)Photo: Internet

That’s one of the things you should remember when paying in Vietnam. The country is an ideal place to spend your money. Using basic services (accommodation, food, transportation) a tourist can get 20 dollars a day. Abroad, $20 might just be an average meal, including taxes and tips.

The advantage is that there is no need to tip in Vietnam. However, this is sometimes not true when you stay in too luxurious hotels. So besides haggling, remember not to tip in most cases. Unless the service is really great and you feel like doing certain things well, you can walk out without being judged.

In fact, some people, mainly in the northern provinces, are unfamiliar with the new idea of ​​so-called “tipping”, which they will refuse if offered. Many people might take it on their own if you keep insisting, so refrain. But the “tipping” culture is more common in the Southern region and many people expect it, so be sensitive and know what you’re asking for.

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