Budget tip: Ride your own bike

, Budget tip: Ride your own bike
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If you’re on a tour, you’re most likely to get rowed on air-conditioned buses. But what’s fun about following a fixed schedule? Be brave and experience the exciting traffic of Vietnam! Try renting a small motorbike for around US$5 per day and discover life there for yourself.

Make sure you know some traffic rules in Vietnam and wear your helmet. If you don’t want to drive in another country, try catching a motorbike taxi (motorbike taxi) at least once in Vietnam! Cheaper than half the price of a taxi, you can still experience the trip with a helmet.

It is easy to see motorbike taxi drivers on most roads in big cities like Hanoi or Saigon. Let them know your desired destination and ask the price in advance. You may want to try haggling before agreeing to any price.

Some may say that doing so is not possible, provided you are hindered by language differences. In fact, you can completely do this yourself without knowing Vietnamese. Drivers in Vietnam can quote by finger or by computer.

Therefore, the first thing to remember is to bargain. Watch out for scams and double pricing. After all, you are still a foreigner!

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