Budget tip: Choose the right bed

, Budget tip: Choose the right bed
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Now is the time to put your luggage down and rest after a long trip. Thanks to the influx of tourists in recent years, there are countless hotels springing up in Vietnam. If you want to spend your nights in luxury, such as in Hanoi, Sofitel Metropole hotel, Hilton hotel, Intercontinental hotel and Horizon hotel might be some of the places you should try. For $200 and up, these hotels give you 5-star services and the chance to stay at the best attractions in the city.
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There are also many cheaper hotels in the city, especially in the Old Quarter area of ​​Hanoi. For $50 a night, you can enjoy your trip on a much lower budget! If you really want to save on accommodation, cheaper hotels and motels of as little as $10 to $30 are also available. Other prices in Da Nang, Hoi An or Ho Chi Minh City are similar, while may be lower in other tourist destinations.

A side note is that you can always try a homestay in Vietnam. Look for opportunities to stay with locals through a travel agency and spend a night or two in the countryside. Staying with a Vietnamese family, you will be able to experience even more of Vietnamese culture.

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