Bring money to Vietnam

, Bring money to Vietnam
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Every country has restrictions on the amount of cash that can be brought out of its borders. If you’re bringing in more than $10,000, prepare for customs clearance. Furthermore, bringing cash abroad may not be the safest and most convenient way when you’re traveling. However, it is important to keep a few hundred dollars in small denominations to cover expenses before you can find banks or ATMs. At airports, train stations and tourist areas, there are many currency exchange counters. Avoid the black market, no matter how competitive the rates offered.
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Visa, Master Card and American Express cards are widely accepted in larger hotels, restaurants and shops in major cities. Expect 3% commission on most trades. You can also request an advance at Vietcombank, Citibank and other foreign banks in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with similar fees.
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Traveler’s check

Traveler checks are easy to keep but not as common as it may sound. If you choose this option, make sure that the currency of your check is US dollars, which will save you the trouble of going to authorized currency exchange banks. Most banks will charge you 0.5-2% when you buy a check and to cash the check it will add 0.5-1%
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ATMs are available in most cities and are handy when you need quick cash. Withdrawal fees vary by bank but do not exceed $2 per transaction. With the exception of ANZ which allows withdrawals up to 4,000,000 (about 200 USD), most other banks only allow withdrawals of 2,000,000 or less (about 100 USD). All withdrawals are in Vietnam Dong. Larger cash advances can be arranged during business hours with bank staff.
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