Breakthrough IMC campaign helps Sao Thai Duong escape from traditional positioning

After a breakthrough IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) campaign, which achieved impressive results in terms of communication and sales promotion, Sao Thai Duong has “transformed” to become one of the most prominent innovative brands on the market.

, Breakthrough IMC campaign helps Sao Thai Duong escape from traditional positioning, Breakthrough IMC campaign helps Sao Thai Duong escape from traditional positioning

Following the flow of modern society, the battle of brands is not only in technology, products, personnel… but also more fierce in positioning and communication strategies. If 5-10 years ago, when the game was in its early stages, many brands only needed 1 TVC with a neat message to be able to spread the product’s use and image, now it needs long-term campaigns, more omnichannel to conquer consumers.

As a well-known unit in the market, Sao Thai Duong Company cannot stay out of the game to change the way of communication as well as brand innovation. The integrated marketing communication campaign (IMC) for Thai Duong Medicinal Shampoo (DGDL) is a typical example of these strategic changes.

Change the brand image in the eyes of customers

DGDL Thai Duong, the main product of Sao Thai Duong Company, is a long-standing brand with high recognition in the market. The problem faced by the brand comes from the gradually saturated customer base, the need to reach younger customer groups and change the concept of product use. According to some surveys, users consider DGDL Thai Duong as a special product for treating scalp diseases, only necessary when having “difficult” problems such as itchy dandruff, oily hair, severe hair loss… In fact, this product can be used daily to clean and care for the scalp, keeping the hair strong from deep within.

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Instead of choosing the “traditional” way to solve this problem, Sao Thai Duong Company decided to look to a professional media unit to advise and implement the campaign in a new way. The selected partner is Magneto – an agency specializing in IMC. And the idea “Smooth benign must choose Thai Duong” was born.

Sao Thai Duong's breakthrough to escape traditional positioning - Photo 1.Sao Thai Duong's breakthrough to escape traditional positioning - Photo 1.

As revealed by Magneto’s representative, the original message idea encountered many obstacles when it went against the direct and rational communication messages of DGDL Thai Duong in the past. The new message balances emotional (smooth) and rational (benign) values, gently affecting the psychology of consumers, especially young customers. Magneto convinced Sao Thai Duong to choose this message from careful research on consumer psychology and behavior and re-evaluate the goal of rebranding and conquering new customers.

The campaign is implemented multi-channel, optimizing every touch point that consumers frequent, thereby enhancing the customer’s experience journey, increasing the level of love and interaction with the product. Some tactics were first implemented by DGDL Thai Duong such as Music Video combined with many KOLs, Online Contest, building a Tik Tok channel… that have “rejuvenated” the brand and made a strong impression on customers. Not only that, at the same time, the brand expands modern sales channels such as e-commerce floors to help increase sales.

Innovating marketing thinking and communication

It can be seen that in this campaign Sao Thai Duong has had 2 big changes for Thai Duong DGDL products. The first is about the message of use, “Smooth benign must choose Thai Duong” has implicitly demonstrated the spirit of innovation, not following the way and receiving extensive research on customer behavior. The second is to convert the communication method from traditional, using single channels to a more methodical, integrated and multi-channel campaign.

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The obtained results have partly confirmed that this “move” is extremely correct. The whole campaign has reached 24 million people, the total interaction is up to 288 thousand times, of which the active discussion index is 88.2%. The brand sentiment index increased compared to the planning research period, the brand health index reached 0.95/1.0. The campaign was successful by building a “hit the mark” message and multi-channel explosion, accumulating an “asset” of customer data for communication and sales activities.

Sao Thai Duong's breakthrough to escape traditional positioning - Photo 2.Sao Thai Duong's breakthrough to escape traditional positioning - Photo 2.

It can be said that, with the campaign “Smooth benign must choose Thai Duong”, Sao Thai Duong has successfully changed the image of DGDL Thai Duong brand from a special treatment product to a daily-use shampoo, expanding new target audience and market share. At the same time, this is also a strategic move marking innovative and creative thinking in marketing communication of one of the traditional brands in terms of products, messages and communication methods.

Magneto – Agency providing specialized IMC – Integrated Communications solutions by industry with the combination of Big Data – Insight and Technology, under VCCorp Joint Stock Company – Media and Technology Company, Digital Content leading in Vietnam. The unit inherits the optimal Big Data technology, capturing the behavior of 97% of internet users in Vietnam.

Magneto provides specialized solutions for each category: Real Estate, Healthcare, FMCG, F&B, Finance,… With the combination of Martech – Adtech – Content Tech, Magneto brings total services An “all-in-one” ecosystem of Digital Transformation – Marketing – Sales to create innovative IMC campaigns from strategy, idea to execution.

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