Breaking: Ukrainian drones struck Moscow, Russia blamed


Russia’s defense ministry has accused Ukraine of carrying out a “terrorist” drone attack in Moscow on Monday. According to reports, two buildings were hit, and debris was discovered near the defense ministry’s facilities. The defense ministry stated that they suppressed and caused the crash of the two drones using their Telegram messaging app.

Mayor Sergei Sobyanin also confirmed the incident through his Telegram messaging app, noting that two non-residential buildings were struck around 4 a.m. (0100 GMT). Fortunately, there were no significant casualties or serious damage reported.

It remains unclear whether the drones targeted the buildings intentionally or if they hit them while being brought down. Specific details on where the drones were intercepted were not disclosed by either the defense ministry or the mayor.

Russian state news agencies cited emergency services, reporting that drone fragments were found near a building on Komsomolsky Avenue, which is about 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) away from the defense ministry’s premises. As a result of the attack, traffic was closed on Komsomolsky Avenue and Likhachev Avenue, where a high-rise office building suffered damage.

Videos from various Russian Telegram channels showed the aftermath of the incident, including a damaged high-rise building with missing windows and debris scattered on Komsomolsky Avenue.

This attack follows a week of Russia’s continuous airstrikes on Ukraine’s southern port of Odesa, where recent missile strikes caused fatalities, injuries, and severe damage to a historic Orthodox cathedral.

As of now, there has been no official response from Kyiv. While Ukraine rarely claims responsibility for attacks inside Russia or on Russian-controlled territories in Ukraine, it has suggested that targeting Russia’s military infrastructure helps its counteroffensive efforts.

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