Bloomberg News said that Vietnam’s stock market has great potential and is safer for investors than many developing countries.

In the information posted on April 7, the US news agency assessed the potential of Vietnam’s stock market from the reopening of trade and tourism, positive economic growth and income growth. of the enterprise.

The VN Index has gained more than 1% this year, upbeat growth amid a nearly 8% drop in Asia’s MSCI index.

Experts note that the VN Index is currently only 0.4% below its all-time high and could continue to rise, despite rising inflation and difficulties from the war in Ukraine.

Bloomberg: Chứng khoán Việt Nam dần trở thành chỗ trú an toàn cho nhà đầu tư - Ảnh 1.Bloomberg: Chứng khoán Việt Nam dần trở thành chỗ trú an toàn cho nhà đầu tư - Ảnh 1.

Workers at a mechanical factory in Hanoi, Vietnam – Photo: REUTERS

According to Bloomberg , the business community is one of the main reasons for the optimism in the Vietnamese market.

Bill Stoops, investment director of Dragon Capital, said profit growth of the top 60 Vietnamese enterprises is expected to average around 23% this year, on a floating exchange rate basis.

According to Mr. Stoops, leading businesses such as banking and real estate could grow by 30% compared to a year ago.

Mr. Stoops also added that Vietnam’s small trade surplus and external debt have helped shield the economy from rising import costs. He also appreciates Vietnamese stocks in banking, real estate, steel and IT service providers like FPT.

According to Bloomberg, investors are considering the positive effects of Vietnam reopening its borders to foreign tourists, after two years of applying measures to combat the COVID-19 epidemic.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) forecasts Vietnam’s economic growth at 6.5% this year, as sectors such as manufacturing and tourism continue to recover. This is the fastest growth rate in Southeast Asia in 2022. Last year, Vietnam’s economic growth reached about 2.6%.

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However, investor Ruchir Desai noted that the war in Ukraine remains one of the biggest risks today. The tense situation is weighing on global supply chains, pushing food and oil prices higher.

Mr. Desai warned that these developments could eventually hurt the VN Index, which is sensitive to inflation.


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