BLACKPINK’s impact has given Vietnam the chance to become a rising star for hosting performances from around the world.

, BLACKPINK’s impact has given Vietnam the chance to become a rising star for hosting performances from around the world.


Continuing the frenzy after the first show of BLACKPINK, Korea at My Dinh Stadium, Hanoi, the 2nd show (July 30) of the 4 BLACKPINK girls did not disappoint the fans.

On the second performance night, the heat of the BLACKPINK girls never “cooled down” when thousands of fans were present at My Dinh stadium very early to look forward to the performance.

At the beginning of the night, the 4 members of BLACKPINK appeared on stage with a beautiful fireworks display. This is also a familiar opening part of the group’s global tour Born Pink.

BLACKPINK then opened their performance with the famous song How You Like That. Exciting music and choreography brought a lively atmosphere in My Dinh Stadium. The strong, resounding voices of the female idols made the audience explode in the melodies that BLACKPINK brought.

At the 2nd performance night in Vietnam was on fire with familiar songs such as How you like that, Whistle, Kill this love, Pink Venom… Along with that, there were many singles by four girls and many other songs. The song caused another storm. The atmosphere outside the stadium was as explosive as a large-scale choir.

The second and last night of the 4 girls in Vietnam ended the Born Pink world tour. BLACKPINK’s two nights of performance brought a spectacular night of music for fans, leaving many unforgettable impressions.

Audiences also expects that after the successful concert of this famous group, Vietnam’s image will be spread to international friends and there will be many international music concerts held in Vietnam.

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An audience member said, “The performance was really explosive, more explosive than the previous concerts I’ve seen. The atmosphere, the way Vietnamese fans bring emotions to the atmosphere for the sisters is very excited and lively. I hope Vietnam will have many international shows like the BLACKPINK show in Hanoi this time. International stars come to Vietnam to help the economy, culture and tourism, all of which will develop more and I see that as a very good thing.”

Along with that, the music festival in Nha Trang on July 22 with the presence of Charlie Puth also marked a turning point to help Vietnam become an ideal place to hold concerts for foreign bands.


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