Birthday gift for a Vietnamese friend

, Birthday gift for a Vietnamese friend
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Gifts are a common response to invitations. The gift, naturally, is an expression of gratitude and courtesy from the attendees towards the host, as well as an expectation of the broader social context; in other words, the relationship seen here is a psychological one.

Simply stated above, gift giving is still an art that transcends geographical boundaries and varies across cultures. Take Vietnam and birthday parties as an example. With a rich cultural history and a high frequency of acculturation, gift giving etiquette in this Southeast Asian country is a bit more complicated than in Western countries. Therefore, Vietnamese sincerity does not equal a careless last-minute measure: an art in itself, buying a gift, as usual, means paying attention to taste and preferences. recipient’s preferences.

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In addition, flowers are irreplaceable: they are like an appetizer, a companion that adorns a birthday present. A Vietnamese-made souvenir, needless to say, no matter how surprising it may be; however a word from your native country is always appreciated, as long as there is a complete guide to it. Likewise, a gift that is too expensive for a new acquaintance is not necessarily taboo but creates an awkward situation, especially for girls.

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Furthermore, a birthday present should be wrapped in colorful sheets of paper. It is best to avoid black: perhaps fashionable in Western cultures, but a sign of death in most Asian countries including Vietnam. So is plain white; though an ivory wrapper with some elegant patterns on it is hard to go wrong with. In addition, you should leave open the option to open gifts when present.

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So choosing a birthday gift in Vietnam is as difficult as choosing a gift in your own country, with culturally specific expectations. And in general, money is not the problem: Vietnamese people honor the following saying: “Money is too much to count; the heart does ”(The most important thing is the tam long).

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