Billionaires win big on pre-Tet days

, Billionaires win big on pre-Tet days

The enterprises of billionaires Pham Nhat Vuong, Ho Hung Anh, Nguyen Dang Quang and Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao have reported good business results for 2020.

Nguyen Dang Quang

Masan Group fulfilled its business plan set by the shareholders’ meeting with consolidated net revenue of VND77.218 trillion, up by 107 percent from 2019 and net profit of VND1.234 trillion to be allocated to shareholders.

Masan’s revenue increased sharply thanks to the admission of VinCommerce in early 2020. However, as the supermarket chain still incurred a loss, the group’s profit decreased considerably compared with the year before. VinCommerce for the first time had a positive EBITDA in Q4 2020.

Masan reported that the revenue per square meter of VinMart+ chain grew by 11 percent in 2020. VinMart+ is considered the major driving force of VinCommerce in the future, when the mini supermarket chain expands. Meanwhile, the VinMart model will be re-positioned.

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In terms of consumer goods, Masan Consumer Holdings (MCH), a subsidiary of Masan Group, reported 22 percent revenue growth rate in Q4, reaching VND7.612 trillion, or 27 percent of total (VND23.971 trillion). This was the first time MCH had revenue of $1 billion.

Masan plans to turn VinCommerce from a pure shopping point of sale into a platform serving essential needs with essential goods and services, accounting for more than 50 percent of spending on consumer goods, including fast moving consumer goods, fresh food, financial services and added value services. This was the aim of Masan when it decided to expand business into the retail sector.

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Pham Nhat Vuong

Vinhomes (VHM) has released the Q4 financial report; many business records were made. The consolidated net revenue reached VND21.512 trillion in this quarter, up by 54 percent over the same period last year, because the company delivered products in four projects, namely Vinhomes Ocean Park, Vinhomes Grand Park, Vinhomes Smart City and Vinhomes Symphony.

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The financial revenue also soared from VND1.388 trillion in Q4 2019 to VND10.175 trillion in Q4 2020 with VND9.68 trillion from investment transfer deals.

Besides Vinhomes, Vincom Retail also reported satisfactory growth rate in Q4 2020 with consolidated net revenue reaching VND3.253 trillion, up by 16.8 percent compared with the same period in 2019, and 84.8 percent compared with the quarter before.

The revenue from real estate transferred was VND1.547 trillion, an increase of 1,347.7 percent over the previous quarter, mostly from the delivery of two large commercial townhouse projects of My Tho and Bac Lieu.

Ho Hung Anh

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Techcombank of Anh has reported the pre-tax profit of VND15.8 trillion in 2020, up by 23.1 percent over 2019.

This is an impressive business result if noting that the country is struggling to fight the pandemic and commercial banks have to support enterprises. With the result, Techcombank has listed itself among the top 3 banks with the highest profits, surpassing BIDV and Agribank.

The noteworthy feature is that the NPL ratio of Techcombank fell sharply to 0.5 percent from 1.3 percent in early 2020. It has the lowest bad debt ratio of all banks.

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According to Forbes, as of the end of January 27, Anh had stock assets valued at $1.9 billion, though TCB shares lost 7-8 percent after three sessions.

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Truong Gia Binh

FPT, the largest Vietnamese IT group, has ‘overcome the Covid-19 storm’, reporting revenue and profit growth rates of 7.6 percent and 12.8 percent. Digital transformation and IT services in the global market and the stable growth of telecommunications were the brightest business operations of the company.

Its revenue and pre-tax profit reached VND29.83 trillion and VND5.261 trillion in 2020, up by 7.6 percent and 12.8 percent, respectively.

Pham Thanh Hung

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Pham Thanh Hung of Cen Land has released a resolution on approving an investment deal on buying, selling and transferring real estate belonging to Chanh Nghia Quoc Cuong apartment project in Thu Dau Mot City of Binh Duong province, developed by C-Holdings JSC. The total investment capital is VND485 billion.

Established in 2018, C-Holdings is now the investor of C-Sky View, a high-end apartment project which aims to create a livable urban area in Thu Dau Mot City.

Prior to that, C-Holdings and Cen Land signed a cooperation contract on investment in C-Sky View, under which Cen Land is the official investor of the project instead of the business development unit.


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A lot of commercial banks reported huge profits in 2020. SeABank of Nguyen Thi Nga reported pre-tax consolidated profit of VND1.729 trillion, up by 24 percent over 2019, ROE of 11.06 percent. Meanwhile, its bad debt ratio was 1.86 percent only.

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HDBank of Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao had pre-tax profit of VND5.818 trillion, up by 15.9 percent, and the bad debt ratio was 0.93 percent. Its revenue from services increased by 51.8 percent.

ACB of Tran Hung Huy has reported pre-tax profit of VND9.6 trillion for 2020, up by 27.7 percent.

ACB reported a bad debt ratio of VND1.84 trillion at the end of 2020, an increase of 27 percent compared with early 2020. The bad debt ratio rose from 0.54 percent to 0.6 percent of total outstanding loans.

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This article was originally published in VNA

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