Phu Quoc Pearl Island in Vietnam is a wonderful island that not only gathers iconic works but also offers visitors quintessential experiences.

French paradise

Located in the South Pacific Ocean, part of the Polynesian archipelago (France), Bora Bora is warm all year round, nestled among the lagoons known as paradise islands, the jewel of France.

Bora Bora in Tahitian means first born. The reason for this name is because the Tahitians believe that the day God created heaven is also the day Bora Bora was born – this is the destined paradise. As for the French, Bora Bora is considered a paradise of love when the saying “Let’s go to Bora Bora!” It’s a romantic proposal.

Decipher the attraction from the islands known as paradise - Photo 1.Decipher the attraction from the islands known as paradise - Photo 1.

Bora Bora Island is considered a jewel by the French.Photo: Shutterstock

The resort experience at Bora Bora is not only peaceful moments at Matira – one of the 10 most beautiful beaches on the planet voted by CNN, but visitors will also enjoy: playing with friendly black sharks, scuba diving, coral picking… or relaxing at the luxury spa, enjoying premium specialties from the ocean.

This place is also always a favorite destination of tycoons, famous stars such as: Ellen DeGeneres, Meg Ryan or Rod Stewart, Kim Kardashian… Real estate value in this paradise is always classified as expensive. with a cost of about 200 million euros each.

Lessons from Bora Bora show that, to become a tourist paradise, the advantage of the landscape alone is not enough. There must be more premium experiences, tailored for paradise citizens, to deserve the title of Paradise Island.

Hon Thom – wonderful island

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More than 11,000 km from Bora Bora, on an island the French also set foot on nearly 200 years ago, there is a wonderful oasis that is no less than Bora Bora.

Stretching over an area of ​​nearly 6km2, as part of An Thoi archipelago, South Phu Quoc, Hon Thom possesses a mild and warm year-round climate along with wild and poetic natural scenery with beaches and mountains. The cool green coconut leans down to reflect in the clear water… not inferior to Bora Bora or the famous Mustique, Fiji.

Decipher the attraction from the islands known as paradise - Photo 2.Decipher the attraction from the islands known as paradise - Photo 2.

Hon Thom Island owns wild and poetic natural scenery.Photo: Shutterstock

Coming to Hon Thom, in addition to beautiful beaches such as Bai Nom, Bai Nam, Bai Trao, Bai Chuong, visitors will also be able to scuba dive to see corals; Enjoy fishing, squid fishing, buying or enjoying a variety of fresh seafood. It has diverse flora and fauna, colorful coral reefs and an area of ​​coral reef conservation up to 9,720 hectares, a fishing ground full of fish and shrimp, 50% of the island area is green forest, natural rocky beaches. Nature close to the beach, warm friendly people.…

Therefore, many tourists agree that if Phu Quoc is likened to a tourist paradise, Hon Thom is a precious pearl in the heart of Ngoc island.

And soon, this pearl will be dressed in a suit worthy of showing off all the charms bestowed by the Creator, truly becoming a paradise on earth.

Hon Thom Paradise Island – Heaven is real

With the mission of the pioneer and the enthusiasm of nearly a decade of efforts to register Phu Quoc on the world tourism map, Sun Group has chosen Hon Thom – the island that converges the wonders of the sky and the ocean to build. creating a super complex of entertainment – resort – investment Paradise Island – Hon Thom Paradise Island.

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At Paradise Island, guests have the opportunity to travel to the sublimated realm of happiness, establish a symbol of enjoyment with all three values: nature as wonderful as paradise on earth with the harmony. of mountains, forests, sea, diverse and rich flora; Unique architectural masterpieces with symbolic value, located in a unique location with a chain of quintessential utilities and services. This place will also become a rendezvous for architectural and artistic works such as, the Canh Sail Building – a symbol of prosperity and sustainability.

Decipher the attraction from the islands known as paradise - Photo 3.Decipher the attraction from the islands known as paradise - Photo 3.

Super complex of entertainment – resort – investment Hon Thom Paradise Island.Illustration

In the future, a day in Paradise Island will be filled with fun at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park entertainment complex, challenge yourself with the wooden roller coaster Moc Xa Wrath, experience the Aquatopia water park… or high It is better than staying at a 6-star hotel on the top of a hill with a wonderful view, or traveling on a luxury yacht to enjoy the wonders of the sky and ocean…

But not only that, elite guests can completely become residents of human paradise by owning limited edition villas on Paradise Island.

Possessing a position of water orientation, unique, architecture brings a contemporary breath, open space harmonizes with nature, bringing the beauty of the world to the front of the house; Limited edition villas on Paradise Island promise to be a high-class property, adding to the collection of luxury real estate of elite residents.

Decipher the attraction from the islands known as paradise - Photo 4.Decipher the attraction from the islands known as paradise - Photo 4.

Commercial area at Hon Thom Paradise Island.Illustration

The pursuit of happiness has always been one of the top goals of human life. And at Paradise Island – a happy place like eternal springs, under the investment and methodical construction of the pioneer with 3 pillars Sun World (Entertainment), Sun Hospitality Group (Tourism and Resort). ), Sun Property (high-end real estate associated with resort tourism) and even Sun Air – a super-luxury airline for upper-class guests, perhaps, soon, the tycoons around the world will flock to experience the luxury. the happiness of heavenly life.

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Since then, the Phu Quoc brand in particular and Vietnam in general will soon be registered on the world’s top destination map.

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