Are you ready to break out with I spell 2021 semifinal?

, Are you ready to break out with I spell 2021 semifinal?

I SPELL 2021 has already passed halfway, we have witnessed excellent examination from the candidates.

With attractive topics, the contestants have shown their unique views through their videos which are presentable about both form and content.

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Coming to the semifinal, 5 groups of contestants will experience a brand new format with many thorny stages. I SPELL wishes to bring not only academic element but also entertainment and tactical element. This not only challenges your knowledge but requires your concentration in each given question as well. I SPELL believes that all talented contestants are ready to receive this challenge.

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You guys! Let’s prepare a great amount of knowledge along with a good spirit to break the opportunity to reach the I SPELL final round!


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Detailed information about semifinal round:

Core value:

  • Help contestants improve their possibility of listening and speculation.
  • Learn new words/phrasal verbs/idioms through an interesting and dramatic game format.


  • Purpose: Evaluate, choose contestants to proceed to stage 2
  • Participants: Top 5 of each board from the quarterfinal round
  • Form of participation: 100% online, antagonistic competition with the team (The number varies according to the turn)


  • Purpose: Find out 8 most excellent contestants to proceed to the final round
  • Participants: 10 excellent contestants from stage 1
  • Form of participation: 100% online, 10 candidates divided into 5 pairs and compete directly with each other
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  • Academic sponsor: Arrowenglish
  • Diamond sponsor: Jaxtina English
  • Gold sponsor: YOLA
  • Silver sponsors: Shop Giay Cua Ma Nho
  • Application to practice English with foreigners


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Corporate sponsors: Yen Sao Vi Yen (VSTATION) | Gmedu Joint-stock Company

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