Another Apple product assembled in Vietnam

This Apple product belongs to high-end segment and is currently manufactured in the US.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is considering scaling back its plans for high-end Mac Pro computers and moving production of the device to Asia. Instead of choosing China like most iPhone models and other products, the high-end Mac Pro will be made in Vietnam, where AirPods are already manufactured and, soon, laptops and Apple Watches. This shift is part of Apple’s efforts to reduce dependence on China.

, Another Apple product assembled in Vietnam

, Another Apple product assembled in Vietnam

Mac Pro is manufactured in the US. (Photo: Notebookcheck)

Apple first announced its plan to switch from Intel chips to self-designed chips for Mac from June 2020. At the time, the company said the process would be completed in about two years. By the end of 2022, the airline had missed the deadline it set itself. Apple has not yet brought the Mac Pro using Apple Silicon chips to market, in addition, the high-end version of the Mac mini still uses Intel chips.

Bloomberg said Apple continues to test the all-new Mac Pro and Mac mini chip M2 to replace the Intel model. Some of the reasons for delays include changes in features or production locations.

Apple is said to want to produce Mac Pro with two versions, one using the M2 Ultra chip, the other using the M2 Extreme chip, twice the configuration of the M2 Ultra. However, according to Bloomberg, the company almost eliminated the higher configuration version due to the complexity and cost of producing such a powerful chip. It also helps Apple and partner TSMC save resources for other devices that require higher output.

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There is also concern about users’ willingness to pay. Based on the current price structure, a Mac Pro M2 Extreme model will cost as low as 10,000 USD, becoming a niche product, not worth the effort, development costs, technical resources… Therefore, Mac Pro has may still rely on the M2 Ultra chip.

Mac Pro is currently manufactured at the Flex factory in Austin, Texas (USA). However, Bloomberg said this is only the final stage because all parts are manufactured in China, including main components, body, power supply… and then shipped to Texas for assembly. Apple decided to assemble in Texas from 2019 in the face of political pressure from the administration of former President Donald Trump.

At the time, Mr. Trump threatened to charge high fees for goods made in China. It would drive up prices and complicate the production of important devices like the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. So Tim Cook brought the Mac back to his homeland to avoid being taxed. Bloomberg commented, now Apple has safely moved Mac Pro production to another region, Vietnam.

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