America is encouraging Kiev to fight until the last Ukrainian

, America is encouraging Kiev to fight until the last Ukrainian


America is being urged to support Ukraine in finding a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban stated that the United States has the power to end the war between Russia and Ukraine swiftly if it chooses to do so. Speaking in an interview with Kossuth radio on July 14, following his participation in a recent NATO summit, Orban highlighted the economic devastation suffered by Ukraine due to the war and its reliance on Western-supplied weaponry. He argued that if the US withdraws its support, the conflict would cease.

Orban raised concerns about the lack of a specific roadmap for Ukraine’s inclusion in NATO during the summit, particularly given the ongoing conflict. He cautioned that admitting Ukraine as a member under these circumstances could potentially trigger a global war.

While Orban acknowledged Ukraine’s efforts to seek assistance from the West, he refrained from criticizing President Volodymyr Zelensky’s actions, recognizing his fight for the survival of the Ukrainian people.

The Hungarian Prime Minister also cautioned that if the conflict persists, European Union countries, including Hungary, would experience adverse economic consequences, including high inflation.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov later agreed with Orban’s view that the United States holds the ability to end the Ukrainian conflict, attributing the supply of weapons to Ukraine to Washington. Peskov accused the US of encouraging the Kiev government to continue fighting at the expense of Ukrainian lives.

Hungary, as a member of both the European Union and NATO, maintains a neutral stance in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The country has declined to provide military support or equipment to Ukraine since the outbreak of hostilities in February 2022.

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In May, Orban expressed the belief that neither side can achieve victory on the battlefield and advocated for a diplomatic resolution to the conflict. He emphasized that the war has been a diplomatic failure from the beginning and called attention to the ineffectiveness of military solutions in light of recent developments.

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