Airports that will be affected by typhoon No. 1


It is forecasted that Van Don and Cat Bi airports will be located in the affected area near strong winds and thunderstorms of Storm No. 1. Noi Bai and Tho Xuan airports may be affected by storm circulation with heavy rain and strong winds. .

The Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam has just sent a dispatch to the relevant units on the proactive prevention of the No. 1 storm in the civil aviation industry.

According to information from the National Center for Hydro-meteorological Forecasting and the Regional Storm Advisory Center appointed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the storm is expected to make landfall around the Northeast border area. Vietnam – China (near Mong Cai area, Quang Ninh) at level 11-12, level 13-15 in the evening of July 18.

Expected airports in the near-affected area (turbulent winds, strong winds, strong thunderstorms): Van Don, Cat Bi. Airports that may be affected by storm circulation (heavy rain, strong wind): Noi Bai, Tho Xuan.

In order to proactively respond to the No. 1 storm, ensure flight safety, and minimize negative impacts on flight operations, the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam requires agencies and units to:

Organize 24/24 hours and strictly implement the process of responding to storms and tropical depressions in civil aviation activities.

The Vietnam Flight Management Corporation directs aviation meteorological service providers to continuously monitor the weather situation in the region, update forecasts and warnings, and provide timely information. forecasts and warnings to users.

The Department also requested airports, airlines and service providers to ensure flight operations to strengthen coordination; closely monitor the evolution of the storm.

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From there, there is a plan to adjust the flight plan or change the flight schedule accordingly in some localities directly affected by the No. 1 storm to ensure absolute flight operations.

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