Airfares, tours increase according to gas prices

, Airfares, tours increase according to gas prices

Under the pressure of gasoline prices continuously reaching a record high, many travel businesses plan to increase tour prices by 5-10%.

According to Zing’s survey, the cheapest fare on domestic flights during the peak summer of 2022 has increased to 2.5-4 million VND/round trip depending on the flight segment including taxes and fees, about 500,000 VND higher per ticket than with the previous summer peaks.

Phu Quoc is the most popular destination this summer. Flight route Ho Chi Minh City – Phu Quoc, ticket price ranges from 3-3.5 million (Vietjet Air); 3-3.7 million VND (Vietnam Airlines); 3-4.5 million VND (Bamboo Airway); 3.3 million VND (Viettravel Airlines).

On the Hanoi – Phu Quoc route, the cheapest round-trip flight is about 2.6 million VND of Vietjet. The ticket price of Bamboo and Vietnam Airlines is about 5-8 million dong round trip.

If you want to go to Da Nang, customers from Hanoi have to pay 3.2-3.9 million (Vietjet); VND 3.7-4.5 million (Vietnam Airlines); 4.1 million (Viettravel Airlines).

Passengers from Ho Chi Minh City can fly for 2.5 million VND (Viettravel Airlines); 2.5-2.7 million VND (Vietjet); VND 3.7-4.2 million (Vietnam Airlines); 4-4.6 million (Bamboo).

Bàn về giải pháp phát triển du lịch Việt Nam - Doanh nhân Đất Việt

Bàn về giải pháp phát triển du lịch Việt Nam - Doanh nhân Đất Việt

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The high oil price in 2022 pulls up the price of Jet A1 fuel, causing the costs of airlines to go up. According to the calculation of the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, assuming the proportion of fuel costs accounts for 39.5% of the total costs and other cost factors do not change, fuel costs in April 2022 of airlines increased by 65% compared to December 2014 and increased by 84% compared to September 2015.

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Facing this pressure, the Civil Aviation Administration was forced to propose to the Ministry of Transport to increase the ceiling of airfares by 3.75% on average compared to the current prescribed price bracket. In which, the proposed new ceiling price is 4 million VND/way/passenger excluding taxes and fees.

Gasoline prices increase, leading to increased airfares and road transport also affecting tourism businesses.

Sharing with Zing, Mr. Pham Ha – CEO of Lux Group said that tourism business units are all affected by high gasoline prices.

“Currently, we still keep the same price for the tours booked in advance. In the future, we will surcharge or increase the tour price by at least 5-10%,” he said.

Mr. Nguyen Hieu – CEO of Vitamin Tours said that currently, because the company already has a series of summer tickets, the increase in airfares does not have much impact on the overall price of the tour.

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According to Mr. Hieu, in road tours, bus prices for tours such as Hanoi – Sapa, Hanoi – Ha Long, Ho Chi Minh City – Da Lat have also increased. For example, from Hanoi to Ha Long, the 45-seat car fare of 9-10 million VND for a 3 day 2 night tour has now increased to 11-11.5 million VND.

However, because of selling high-end package tours to customers, this company does not increase tour prices but pulls costs so that profits are still within a moderate level.

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