Aging at Home: 10 Devices to Keep Seniors Safe at Home

, Aging at Home: 10 Devices to Keep Seniors Safe at Home

It is an understandable fact that you wish to stay at home during the golden years. In most cases, the idea of elders living in their homes has been met with trepidation from the caretakers, family members, and doctors.

Some of the worries included mental health, health monitoring, emergency response time, and medication punctuality in case of any accidents. New technology has made it possible to eliminate some of the concerns. Some of these devices can provide peace of mind for the elderly. Here are some of them.

  1. Remote heart monitors: There are wearable and lightweight sensors available these days that allow the collection of real-time data from the elders. Any immediate changes in health otherwise would take time for the doctors and caretakers to spot. It will also reduce their capability to respond quickly enough to possible complications. This collected info is transmitted to the hosts and made available to the caregivers and doctors instantaneously.
  2. Emergency alert and response system: It is a common catchphrase for the elders: “I have fallen and cannot get up.” It has led to the creation of high-tech devices that save lives and are helpful to millions of senior citizens. After their introduction in the 1980s, these personal emergency response devices have evolved to give better response times and better accuracy for unlimited ranges. 
  3. Away from home monitoring: Many elders like to go on walks or shopping. It might be a good idea to carry a remote patient monitoring device at a time that has GPS tracking. In case something should happen, the people you have appointed will be aware of where you are and can respond quickly.
  4. Home cleaning robots: These are clever little devices. They can save you the trouble of continuously bending down to clear up small messes. They are also helpful in cleaning up unseen clutter that might possibly lead to an accident. The use of automatic timers in the robots means it will clear the floors without you having to do much. Some higher-end models can be activated through smartphones.
  5. Safety sensors: Using safety sensors is an effortless and terrific way of ensuring that the caretakers and family members are continually aware of your situation. There are motion sensors available possessing a range of capabilities. They are usually placed near the entrance of the commonly visited rooms of your house. The requisite data is transmitted to the concerned service through the internet.
  6. Medicine managers: One of the common consequences of old age is memory loss. However, if you are forgetting to take your medicine on time something has to be done. There are devices available that help in setting medicine reminders through smart devices. If the routine medication is not taken, an alarm sets off to notify the care providers and doctors.
  7. Stovetop sensors: Old age makes cooking a precarious activity as your concentration and memory have begun to wane. However, there are devices available such as oven and stovetop sensors for eliminating most of the possible hazards due to old age. You can get cooking systems with capabilities to prevent fires because of unattended stovetops.
  8. Temperature-activated flow reducers: These will be available in most of the hardware stores and they cost less than $50. This small device works like a screw-on attachment for sink faucets and showerheads cutting off the flow of the water that is getting too hot. It can also help in eliminating serious burns leading to accidents and infections from showers.
  9. Telephone, smoke, and doorbell signaling system: Sometimes the elderly find it tough to hear things, thereby missing telephone calls or visitors at the front door leading to accidents. It can become a serious concern if your phone is ringing with a significant call from your doctor about some test results. You can get visual notification systems from several manufacturers that offer a range of alternatives.
  10. Smart clothes: One of the most impressive and latest technologies created for the purpose of safekeeping the senior citizen is smart clothing. These clothes are unbelievably impacted resistant in areas where the senior citizen normally suffers injuries because of accidents.
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All the devices on the list have been designed to offer better safety and peace of mind to the elderly when they are staying at home.

you need to confirm their ability to quickly access the data provided by these devices. Combined use of these devices will provide a productive and safe environment for the elderly.

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