After Prof. Ngo Bao Chau, Vietnam has the second person to receive the Clay Mathematics Institute scholarship

Sharing with the reporter of Nguoi Lao Dong Newspaper, Pham Chau Tuan, father of Pham Tuan Huy (who has just been awarded a research scholarship by the Clay Mathematics Institute in 2023), shared: Huy just called back from the US and said I am looking for a school to teach and research and continue to study as an associate professor.

Pham Tuan Huy, born in 1996, an alumnus of the High School for the Gifted (Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City) was a student who won the IMO 2013 and 2014 gold medal in international math. After graduating from high school, Huy attended school. Mathematics from undergraduate to doctorate at Stanford University (USA).

Special ability, creativity

Not only has a special ability in math, right from high school, Pham Tuan Huy is a good student in all subjects, especially Huy has never taken extra lessons.

Pham Chau Tuan shared: “Huy has never taken any extra classes, including English, since childhood. When my child’s school performance was very good, my family used to wonder if I would run away from home to study somewhere else. But actually Huy doesn’t play, doesn’t study, at home and in class, he just learns and learns.”

Mr. Tuan also hopes that this scholarship of Huy will inspire and motivate high school students in Vietnam to have a passion for math.

Earlier, the Clay Mathematics Institute officially announced two mathematicians who will be awarded research fellowships in 2023, including Paul Minter (who has just obtained his PhD in 2022 at the University of Cambridge, UK) and Pham Tuan Huy (who has just obtained his PhD in 2022 at the University of Cambridge, UK) who is about to receive a doctoral degree at Stanford University, USA).

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On the website of the Clay Mathematics Institute, Pham Tuan Huy has been appointed Clay Research Fellow since July 1, 2023. Tuan Huy is introduced as a very active and creative researcher, making fundamental contributions to combinatorics, probability, number theory and theoretical informatics.

Vietnam used to have Professor Ngo Bao Chau receiving a Clay Research Fellow in 2004 and now Pham Tuan Huy.

Drop a prestigious scholarship in Singapore to pursue your dream

Mr. Pham Chau Tuan added: “I just called Huy, the information about this scholarship Huy told me 2 weeks ago, but Huy only said it briefly, so the family did not even know what the scholarship was, the value of the scholarship. We didn’t know until we read newspapers in Vietnam. The family is very happy and proud of our son.”

Currently, Huy is looking for a school to teach, research and study as an associate professor and is waiting to complete the procedure to be granted a green card in the US.

From a young age, the two sisters Huy was very interested in learning music. Since the fourth grade, Huy has studied music at the Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music. At that time, the whole family really didn’t know what talent Huy had, but “If you like it, let me go to school”. Until the 9th grade, Huy took the initiative to take a break from the music school because he thought that now he studied a lot of culture, if he studied music, he would no longer have time to study other subjects.

“In the music school, Huy study is equivalent to the intermediate level and does not have to pay tuition on the condition that he has to commit to continuing his studies. When he does not follow anymore, he has to compensate for the training costs” – Mr. Tuan said.

Since the 6th grade at Tran Dai Nghia High School for the Gifted, Pham Tuan Huy has shown a very good aptitude for math. The teachers at the school love Huy very much. Even when he was in grade 8, grade 9, because he believed that he was a smart student, good at math, teachers in the school assigned him to take care of the class and design test questions for you.

In the 9th grade, the family encouraged and even the teachers at Tran Dai Nghia School for the Gifted advised Huy to continue taking the 10th grade exam to enter the school, but Huy changed his direction to the High School for the Gifted (HCMC National University) to make his dream come true make the international Olympic competition come true.

To be consistent with his dream, Huy once gave up a 4-year full scholarship in Singapore. When Huy was in 9th grade, Huy received a scholarship to study in high school and university in Singapore. There were only 6 people in Vietnam at that time, but Huy refused to attend grade 10 at the Gifted School.

Huy’s idol is Professor Ngo Bao Chau. “Now Huy has fulfilled his dream like an idol,” said Mr. Tuan.

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