AEON promotes promotion, increases opening time during Tet

, AEON promotes promotion, increases opening time during Tet

Besides serving throughout Tet, AEON implements many attractive incentive programs, bringing an interesting shopping experience to customers.

In order to best serve the consumer needs of people during the Lunar New Year of the year 2023, AEON supermarket system announced to increase operating hours, open throughout Tet, and at the same time launch many attractive incentive programs.

AEON is open throughout Tet to serve customers

According to a share from a representative of AEON Vietnam, AEON’s system of department stores and supermarkets nationwide has prepared a rich source of goods with many great incentives. In the period close to Tet, the supermarket extends its operating hours, opening throughout Tet to serve customers who come to have fun and shop.

sam Tet tai AEON anh 1

sam Tet tai AEON anh 1

AEON system has prepared a rich source of goods to serve people shopping for Tet.

Similarly, the AEON MaxValu small and medium supermarket system is also open for all New Year’s days, in which the 30th day of Tet closes at 8pm and the 1st day of the New Year opens at 12am.

Shop with great deals, on multiple channels

The closer to the Lunar New Year, the more active shopping activities due to high demand. AEON Vietnam expects purchasing power to increase 10-20% in the period near Tet. Therefore, businesses prepare a large supply of goods, ensure quality, food safety, stable prices in advance and come with many incentive programs.

Mr. Bui Trung Chinh – Purchasing Manager of the Southern Food Industry, AEON Vietnam – said: “This year, the Lunar New Year is close to the New Year, so the time to shop for this occasion is quite urgent. We have planned to prepare goods, promote and coordinate with suppliers on sources of goods and incentives. AEON Vietnam strives to ensure a rich and abundant supply of goods at stable prices, as well as activities throughout Tet to help customers shop comfortably”.

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sam Tet tai AEON anh 3

sam Tet tai AEON anh 3

AEON promotes Tet promotions.

Customers shopping at AEON system nationwide also enjoy many attractive incentives. Specifically, from December 26, 2022 to January 20, 2023, AEON Vietnam promotes promotions, 30-40% off for many essential items. In addition, there is a promotion program of 10-45% for Topvalu products – AEON’s private label, and many incentive programs in cooperation with partners when customers buy through the application, pay cashless.. .

In addition, for convenient and time-saving shopping, customers can choose to shop with many ways such as buying by phone, AEON Vietnam application, e-commerce site AEON Eshop, AEON Zalo shop and partner applications such as Grab Mart, Shopee Food…

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