Many websites of Vietnamese state agencies and organizations (domain names ending in are inserted advertising many types of online card games.

At the time of discovery, many of the web pages had been removed with the inserts, but still visible to users through the archives in Google’s search engine.

In particular, the websites of some functional agencies such as: Binh Phuoc Department of Science and Technology (, Nam Dinh Provincial Department of Investment Promotion and Attraction (xuctienvathuhutdautu.namdinh.… still has an ad for a card game in its subpage.

The content of the ad allows users to download applications or access “red and black” web services such as: online casino, sports, lottery, exploding jars, shooting fish, 3D card games…

According to Tuoi Tre Online ‘s research , these red and black ads are assigned by gambling services (or people who are hired to run ads) on websites of organizations and state agencies to increase search rankings for users. that game (because websites are always rated as reputable by Google). This is not the first time that many websites have been labeled with advertisements for gambling games.

According to security experts, although the state of inserting the above ads has appeared for a long time, but because the website system of many organizations and state agencies is still outdated, full of security errors, bad guys still have easily exploitable.

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