A representative of a business from Silicon Valley said that he wanted to find opportunities to cooperate with Vietnam

, A representative of a business from Silicon Valley said that he wanted to find opportunities to cooperate with Vietnam

The Fund’s representative said that the fund has just cooperated to produce batteries for electric cars with Vinfast and wants to learn about the Government’s policy system in encouraging businesses from Silicon to Vietnam to cooperate.

On the morning of May 17 (local time), in San Francisco, continuing the program of visiting and working in the United States, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh attended the Innovation Talks with the participation of large technology enterprises. of the United States such as: Google, Meta, Microsoft.. and some Vietnamese enterprises.

At the talk, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh affirmed that Vietnam takes entrepreneurship and science and technology as the driving force for development. The proof is that all three strategic breakthroughs are related to startups, science and technology. The Prime Minister hoped that US partners would continue to promote cooperation, especially on issues of combating climate change, digital transformation, diversification of supply chains, and innovation.

“Especially innovation, starting a business with students and young people in priority issues. Of course we also think that it is necessary to launch entrepreneurship for the whole people because starting a business has no age, gender or border restrictions. world”, the Prime Minister shared.

During the question and answer session, which took place more actively and longer than expected, the Prime Minister and leaders of large US businesses continued to mention opportunities for cooperation in innovation, science and technology.

Expressing support to the Prime Minister for a global, all-people approach, the leader of Chervron Group on energy and finance wishes that technology initiatives are not isolated but need to be integrated and linked in order to achieve the goal. bringing more understanding to people as well as increasing people’s chances to rise up through technological innovation.

A representative of a venture capital fund in Silicon Valley said that this fund has just cooperated to make batteries for electric cars with Vinfast and wants to learn systematically about Government policies in encouraging businesses from Silicon to Vietnam cooperate.

The Vietnamese government is perfecting institutions and policies to welcome startups, the Prime Minister said. Along with that, Vietnam is promoting the preparation of technical infrastructure such as information technology, large databases, and training of better quality human resources to be ready when foreign investors enter Vietnam. . “We also have a priority policy for areas that need early investment. As well as strengthening health and education capacity for a sustainable and long-term startup ecosystem,” Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh shared.

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Meanwhile, the leader of a bank specializing in providing credit to businesses in the silicon valley gave the Prime Minister a bag made in Vietnam with the logo of this bank, as a symbol of his wish. cooperated closely.

In response, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh said that Vietnam is one of the countries that signed the most trade agreements (FTAs) in the world, with an economic openness of up to 200% of GDP, and trade relations with more than 60 countries. .

The Prime Minister also noted that Vietnam is in the development stage, so the need for capital is very large, especially resources to solve new problems such as energy transition, climate change, etc. the cooperation of major financial institutions.

Responding to a question from the Director of Southeast Asia and South Asia of Meta Group about the proposal to have a special cooperation group of the Asia Association with Vietnam on digital transformation, especially in regulations related to the technology industry , the Prime Minister emphasized that “human resources are the most valuable” and asked to cooperate in improving the capacity and quality of human resources to serve the startup ecosystem, digital transformation and innovation. However, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh also said that besides, infrastructure related to science and technology development should continue to be invested and improved in quality to meet the general development requirements. “But the first problem is where is the money. We really want to mobilize financial resources through public-private partnership. Developing countries like Vietnam need to prioritize resources, from developed countries,” the Prime Minister said. speak.

Research more policies for overseas Vietnamese to contribute and dedicate to the country

On the morning of May 17 (local time), in San Francisco, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh also had a meeting with a number of overseas Vietnamese businesses in the fields of finance and technology.

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Speaking here, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh shared his views on the world situation, Vietnam – US relations and the situation of the country.

On behalf of leaders of the Party and State, the Prime Minister shared with the difficulties and challenges of overseas Vietnamese and overseas Vietnamese businessmen in the United States during the recent difficult time due to the pandemic, and at the same time expressed his respect and gratitude. Thank you for the contribution of businessmen and expatriates to the domestic epidemic prevention and control, both materially and spiritually.

Enterprises from Silicon Valley want to find cooperation opportunities in Vietnam - Photo 3.Enterprises from Silicon Valley want to find cooperation opportunities in Vietnam - Photo 3.

The Prime Minister stated that the more difficulties and challenges the Vietnamese people face, the more united the Vietnamese people become, strongly promoting their historical-cultural identity and traditions, especially the tradition of “remembering the source when drinking water”.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh wishes businessmen to always be healthy, have successful businesses, have a prosperous and happy life, respect local laws; constantly strive for technology transformation, digital transformation, and supply chain diversification; always look forward to and contribute to the homeland and the country, as well as to the comprehensive relationship between Vietnam and the United States. The Prime Minister stated that the more difficulties and challenges the Vietnamese people face, the more united and developed the Vietnamese people become. strongly promote the identity, historical – cultural traditions, especially the tradition of “drinking water, remember the source”, “The noise covers the mirror price / People in a country must love each other”.

The Prime Minister affirmed that our Party and State always consider the overseas Vietnamese community as an integral part of the Vietnamese ethnic community, and have set forth many broad guidelines, policies and specific measures. To create more and more favorable conditions for compatriots to visit the country, relatives, investment, business, scientific – technological cooperation, cultural – art activities.

At the meeting, overseas Vietnamese businessmen spoke and commented on policies to attract talents, promote the image of Vietnam, and mechanisms and policies of the Party and State… to investors. global investment, as well as proposals and recommendations on a number of specific projects and programs being implemented in the country.

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Mr. Sang Nhin, Chairman, representing Westcoast Precision Inc., highly appreciated the success of the visit of the Prime Minister and the Vietnamese delegation. Recalling the American saying “I have a dream”, he expressed his desire to contribute to “technologically” the country – this is a key factor to build an independent economy. independent, autonomous.

Mr. Sang Nhin also highly appreciated the Prime Minister’s statements on the development vision of the localities and the country, as evidenced by the successful lessons of Quang Ninh. Westcoast Precision Inc. has been operating for nearly 30 years in the field of precision mechanics, semiconductor materials for defense… Mr. Sang Nhin presented many proposals on cooperation, production and business activities in Vietnam, affirmed the leading role of human resources, expressed confidence in the strong development future of the country. “Proud of the Vietnamese people, we can do what we set out to do,” said Mr. Sang Nhin.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Yen, a researcher with many inventions and inventions in high-tech fields, said that she is working with overseas Vietnamese engineers globally to deploy a project on the internet of things (IoT), application of artificial intelligence to apply in the field of agriculture in Vietnam. During this process, she realized that young people in Vietnam have a very high level and spirit, “no matter how hard it is,” and this makes her very proud. She said that, if better connected Vietnamese people at home and abroad will create greater strength for the development of the country.

Listening to comments, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh suggested relevant agencies to study and set up an online working mechanism to be able to exchange more conveniently with overseas Vietnamese, including overseas Vietnamese in the West Bank. In the United States, study more favorable policies for overseas Vietnamese to contribute and contribute to the country.

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