9 Ways To Add Efficiency To Your Remote Team Work

, 9 Ways To Add Efficiency To Your Remote Team Work

This has now been more than a year, we all are hit by the pandemic of COVID-19. This pandemic took no time to show us the way back to your homes from our respective offices. Isn’t it?

The time has totally changed from having face-to-face interaction daily with the entire team to sitting remotely at our own places and figuring out things. According to Stanford study performance was boosted by 22% when employees were able to work from home.

For most of us this is a very new way of working. But this uncertain pandemic cannot change the fact Teamwork makes Dream Work. Here are some good ways to make this proverb work to its fullest.

1#  Hold A Clear Team Vision

The first and the foremost step is having a good vision that is clear to each and every member belonging to your team. This will help every member to have a clear knowledge of the work that has to be performed on his part and in a short way help the company meet milestones. This can be the best possible way to drive extra zeal and passion to have the work done more efficiently and effectively.

2# Communicate Well About Expectations

Make sure you hold a good and efficient communication with every member of the team to make them understand about the expectations the company looks for from them. This will help the team to know and understand about their duties and roles to be performed in a better way.

3# Establish Achievable Goals

Setting up of lame and difficult to achieve will make no sense. So also work to set smart and achievable goals. Do not forget to set the time period for their completion. Doing so will help the team to work  hard and cross all the hindrances arising their way. Remember to hold timely revaluation about the set goals so as to ensure the smooth functioning of the team.

4# Emphasis On Strengths

Figure out the strengths of each member of the team to make the right use of them at the right time most importantly. This encourages each member belonging to the team to perform their work efficiently and in desired time. This besides empowering them will add confidence to their inner self, which without any doubt is a great thing. Isn’t it?

5# Encourage Unity

Unity in teamwork is the must to hold factor. This unity is almost like a guarantee of getting the desired work or allowed project completed efficiently and in time. Unity in a team is the best way to create the best working environment of any workplace. So if you desire to hold a happy workplace, this factor must be encouraged in the entire team.

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6# Motivate Creativity

Every member of the team has a different level of creativity. This promotes new ideas and processes that can be adopted to get a task complete. Offer a non judgemental platform to every member of the team to make it convenient for him/her to share the ideas without any hesitation

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7# Stick To Your Words 

Your words to your team should be sacred.Yes, command once given should be followed accordingly. Before committing to any of the promises or rewards for the good work of any member make sure you will be able to fulfill it. Never fake things to your team because this will deteriorate the level of their loyalty and devotion towards you.

8# Be Irrational and Fair Towards Every Member

Never try to promote any kind of favoritism if you want your team. Try to promote open-door policy among the entire team. Make sure that you are easy to avail and communicate for every member.

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9# Hold Rewards For Good Behavior

Never fail to hold rewards for the one with good behavior and extraordinary work done. Be fair and transparent in the process. Appreciation always encourages us to perform things with one level up efficiency.

Finally, if you are the one holding a position in the company where you have to work taking the whole of the team together, then you should try these tips at least once and believe us you will be unstoppable after this. Do give them a try and you will surely thank us later.

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