8 Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day: March 5

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8 Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day: March 5

If your customers are the fuel that drives your business, then your employees are the engines. Without their hard work and originality, your business would not even be able to operate.This is why it is important to show your employees how much you value them personally and As a worker.

Employee Appreciation Day March 5th is coming soon-there are countless ways to celebrate.

Why is employee appreciation important?

Employee appreciation is not just a good gesture-it is essential to the well-being of employees and To your company’s bottom line.

This is a simple but powerful equation: when you care about your employees, they will be happier and more productive.In fact, those employees who feel they can be their true selves at work are 4.4 times more likely to complete the best job than others, According to Salesforce’s 2017 Workplace Equality and Values ​​Report.

When employees are fully committed to their work and investing in the success of the company, your entire business will benefit. The 2018 Gallup poll found that companies with the highest employee engagement levels Profitability is 21% higher than the bottom quarter. Own Loyal and happy employees Means more satisfied customers, lower job turnover and fewer recruitment costs, Recruitment, And training.

How to improve employee satisfaction and celebrate employee gratitude day

Improving employee satisfaction across the company boils down to expressing your interest in finance, professionalism, and personally.Here are eight powerful Staff Appreciation Concept Start:

1. Investigate your employees

The first step to better care of employees is to figure out what they want. Consider sending anonymous e-mail surveys to your employees, asking them to comment on your company’s benefits, workplace culture, Grow Opportunities, scheduling and management.

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From there, you can view the data and look for patterns or problem areas. For example, maybe your employees are satisfied with their salary, but want more autonomy at work. Or, you may notice a lot of complaints about health insurance, but respond positively to the collaborative company culture.

Investigating your employees can help you find problems and develop a plan to solve them. Don’t forget to follow up with your employees. In addition to implementing changes, check with them every month or every quarter to see how they perform.

2. Invest in employee recognition

Employee recognition is critical to employee satisfaction.In the 2019 Bonusly survey, 82% of employees said When they are recognized, they will be happier at work. When employees are happy, Retention rate rise. According to the same survey, 63% of employees who are frequently recognized at work said they are unlikely to find a new job, while 43% of employees who have never or rarely been recognized said they are most likely to look elsewhere Work.

Acknowledge that your employees are not complicated. You can praise someone’s work at company-wide meetings, send handwritten thank-you notes for outstanding work, or give your employees half a day off after a particularly busy month or quarter.

Other ideas include celebrating employees’ work anniversaries, issuing annual bonuses, and confirming important life milestones with balloons or cards. You can even create a peer-to-peer recognition program to encourage employees to nominate each other for monthly or quarterly employee appreciation rewards.

3. Provide flexible working hours

Same Business moves online, Employees desire flexible working hours.In a 2019 survey by FlexJobs, 72% of employees said Flexible schedule is their second most desired job option Behind full-time remote work.Giving employees more autonomy and flexibility in work arrangements can improve their happiness and Potentially Increase their productivity.

Depending on your business, you can extend working hours throughout the day to accommodate differences in schedules, consider personal preferences when assigning shifts, or let your employees choose Remote work One week and two days.

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4. Expand your employee health resources

Supporting the health of employees is a long-term investment in business success.79% of employees surveyed in Perkbox’s 2020 Work Stress Report said they Regularly deal with work-related stress. And the situation will only get worse in the past year. 67% of employees surveyed said they Now more pressure than before the pandemic, According to MetLife’s 2020 employee benefit trend research.

In addition to providing comprehensive health insurance, consider what else you can do to support the overall health of your employees. Maybe you can provide employees with a monthly health allowance for virtual fitness classes, fitness equipment, therapy, books or spa treatments. Or, you can partner with another company to provide your employees with discounted or free yoga classes or guided meditations.

5. Provide regular feedback

Providing employees with feedback about their work on a regular basis can help them maintain their engagement and sense of responsibility. Without consistent feedback or guidance, they may feel lost, at a loss or underestimated at work.

In addition to providing feedback during the annual performance evaluation, start weekly or monthly one-to-one arrangements Meeting Check with your employees, praise them for their outstanding work, and provide suggestions or guidance on areas they can improve.

Sharing feedback is also helpful because it comes out organically. For example, if an employee gave an excellent presentation or took extra care of a customer, please take a moment to thank them for their efforts. On the other hand, if an employee makes the wrong customer call or is late for work, you may want to immediately pull them aside to chat. Just make sure you express your constructive criticism with caution and compassion.

6. Provide parenting assistance or family assistance

Show your employees that you appreciate them more than just praising them at work-it’s also about Make their personal lives easier And more enjoyable. One of the best ways to do this is to provide family assistance. Providing your employees with tools to better support their loved ones can reduce their stress and help them stay engaged.

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In the MetLife study, 69% of the employees interviewed stated that they are willing to provide subsidized care for their families. This may be helpful for childcare, pet care, or home care for family members who are sick or disabled. Sit down with your human resources director to review your company’s health insurance package and see where you can help, whether it’s day care allowance or paid leave for home care.

7. Enhance your additional functions

supply Work allowance Exciting benefits can make your employees feel supported, especially During the epidemic. Even small thoughtful actions can make employees feel valued and valued.

If your employees work from home, you can send them holiday care packages or give them gift cards to order groceries or buy takeaway meals.You can also provide entertainment allowances, paid lunches, productivity supplies, or Employee thank you gift Such as reusable water bottles and comfortable blankets.

8. Support personal development and growth

A great way to express gratitude to employees is to invest in their personal and professional development. Sixty-five percent of employees surveyed in the MetLife study stated that they are interested in using career development reimbursement as a job benefit.

As an employer, this is a win-win situation. When you support your employees in achieving their goals, you not only make them happy, you also benefit from their growth and skills. First, consider sponsoring a course or program for your employees.They may want to receive leadership training or participate in teaching professional skill Such as coding or copywriting.

Appreciate far away

Employee appreciation Translated into the success of the company. Instead of putting your appreciation of your employees on the back, it’s better to give priority to treating your employees for special things and to acknowledge their hard work. In the long run, your business will become better as a result.

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