7 Vacation Spots Your Kids Will Never Forget

, 7 Vacation Spots Your Kids Will Never Forget

You want your vacation to be as memorable as possible for the whole family. Finding the right balance of fun, relaxation and adventure for you and your children can be difficult.

Here are seven places around the world that make for a once-in-a-lifetime trip for your entire crew.

1. The Mediterranean

Filled with history, ancient architecture, beautiful views, amazing food and lots of activities, a visit to this part of the world will certainly be unforgettable. Check out the Acropolis and the Colosseum for some history that you and your kids will enjoy seeing in person. This region also offers great beaches, snorkeling and a host of other fun things to do. Mediterranean cruises offer a great way to see much of the area without the hassle of arranging additional travel and accommodations.

2. New York City

The hustle and bustle of New York City are exciting to be a part of and your family will find plenty to do. Check out a Broadway show, take a visit to Rockefeller Center or take a ride across the Brooklyn bridge. Your kids will also love getting a taste of history at Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Be sure to check out Times Square at night for tons of great photos and lots to do.

3. Grand Cayman

Known for its epic beaches, Grand Cayman is a place your family will never want to leave. It offers numerous family-friendly activities, including Sting Ray City where your kids can wade around and interact with the sea creatures. When you’re worn out from snorkeling and water sports, spend a day relaxing and soaking up the sun on the beautiful white-sand beaches.

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4. Tokyo

A vacation to Tokyo will definitely be remembered for a lifetime by the entire family. The city offers an endless array of activities for any age. Teens who love anime, comic books and video games will be in heaven in Akihabara which contains numerous shops geared toward those interests. Younger children will love the Tokyo Disney Resort. You’ll also enjoy a visit to the Meiji Jingu Shrine and Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden for a taste of history and some natural beauty.

5. Yellowstone Park

You and your kids will love all the exciting things to see in this majestic national park. Old Faithful is well worth the wait to see it shoot hot steam into the sky. You can also see many other natural features including hot springs and mud spots. The largest hot spring in the country, Grand Prismatic Spring, offers spectacular colors by creating an optical prism from white light. You’ll also discover numerous animals including bison, elk, sheep, bear and maybe even a wolf.

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6. Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers an endless adventure that the whole family will love. You can spend one day at the gorgeous beach and the next exploring the jungle. Scenic hikes will reveal the exotic wildlife that includes colorful birds and monkeys galore. If you’re lucky you may even see a sloth relaxing in the trees. The activities are unmatched and you’ll never run out of things to do. Check out some waterfalls and take a dip in the base pool to cool off. Try out kayaking and zip-lining for something a little more exciting. You can even do whitewater rafting, or check out a more child-friendly safari float.

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7. Reykjavik

Probably the most underrated location on the list, Reykjavik, Iceland is home to some of the most gorgeous sights you and your family will ever experience. The Blue Lagoon offers a relaxing soak in pretty waters surrounded by steam rising all around. You can also check out geysers, hot springs and get an amazing view of the Northern Lights.

Creating a vacation filled with memorable sights and activities for everyone doesn’t need to be difficult if you choose the right location. Check out one of these amazing places for your family’s next memory-making vacation.

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