7 Indoor Gardening Supplies To Keep Plants Lush & Healthy

, 7 Indoor Gardening Supplies To Keep Plants Lush & Healthy

, 7 Indoor Gardening Supplies To Keep Plants Lush & Healthy

Many homeowners think that indoor plants are immune to common garden diseases and pests like mites, fungus gnats, black spots, powdery mildew, etc. But in reality, these diseases can quickly spread among houseplants, mainly when you add new botanicals into your area.


To avoid these issues, you can isolate a new potted plant for some time, and before placing it near another plant, ensure it is healthy and disease-free. 


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Of course, there are also several other precautionary measures that you can adopt to keep your plants lush and healthy. You can read this article ahead to figure out the seven best indoor gardening supplies to make your favorite indoor plants thrive.


So let’s proceed on!


1: Refresh The Soil

Healthy soil is an ultimate requirement of flourishing plants. With time, the soil becomes stiff and weary, so it does not hold nutrients and water. So to make houseplants healthy, you need to change the soil when needed.

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The steps to refresh the soil are:

  • You need to take off the plant from its pot
  • Prune the root ball back
  • Put the plant in a clean pot
  • Shatter the root ball a little and set it up to a size 1-2” larger


Things go smooth when you buy a relevant plant for your space. Do not grow shade lovers in the scorching sun and avoid keeping a sun-loving plant in the darkroom.


Pay attention to their needs – soil, air, and winter, and soon you will have well-grown and healthy plants.

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2: Change Water Quantity Situanally

Indoor plants require less water in winter, and due to overwater, soil’s air spaces get choked. Often, plants get killed when they are overwatered.


Before grabbing the water can, check the water condition of the plant, so they may not be overwatered. You need to check the area; it should be dry at least 2” down, not only the surface. 


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3: Do Not Miss House Plant Fertilizers

Fertilizers contain minerals and nutrients to keep the plants healthy and nourishing. Keeping all-purpose plant food handy is preferable because your plants become happy when you fertilize them with every watering at about a ¼ strength.


Once a month, you can skip the fertilization part because it will help to flush out salts that often build up. One more thing, plants are dormant in the winter, so they do not need an artificial boost of growing power.


4: Plants Cleaning Is Integral

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Keeping the leafy plants clean is necessary because dust cuts down the light’s path, which is essential for photosynthesis. Thus, below are the methods to keep plants clean:


  • Use clean and warm water to wipe out the plant or put the plant under the shower. It is the simplest way to remove mealybugs, aphids, and spider mites, too. You also need to remove brown and dead leaves to protect plants from disease.
  • Dust on windows can block sunlight and heat, so keeping windows clean is helpful. 
  • Move your plants around according to the weather and light direction so they may receive maximum warmth and light.
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It is also essential to keep plants far away from drafts, registers, cold windows, heaters, etc.


5: Increase Humidity

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To control dry indoor air, you can put pebbles and rocks saucers; fill the saucer with water. Ensure that the pot’s bottom is not touching the water. To increase humidity, you can group some plants or use a humidifier.


6: Prepare Plants For Spring

The long days produce new growth in houseplants. At this time, you need to use more water and fertilizers; both will prepare them for growth.


7: Use Grow Lights

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Light is an essential factor that helps in plants’ growth because plants need light for photosynthesis. Grow lights are beneficial for houseplants since they are mainly designed to substitute natural light. Hence, it allows you to cultivate your indoor plants any time in the year without getting worried about sunlight. Grow light can stimulate the photosynthesis process in plants and provide them with the right color spectrum so that the plant can grow well. 


Final Thought

Making home green is relaxing and pacifying, but it is not accessible until you do not have the right gardening supplies—fertilizers, water, warmth, light, humidity, etc. You can get into this article to figure out some vital supplies to facilitate your favorite plants’ growth. These supplies tend to protect your plants from diseases and help them grow quickly and healthily.

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