7 Fun Trips to Take with Your Best Friend

, 7 Fun Trips to Take with Your Best Friend

Traveling is such a fun and interesting pastime, which can be even more enjoyable when you have someone at your side to share in the experience, and who better than your best friend?

The memories that you can make by taking a trip with your best friend will last a lifetime and you will always be able to reminisce whenever you meet up in the future.

Road Trips Abroad

You hear so many stories of friends taking time away from their jobs and family to take a car trip across a foreign country, taking in the sights and cultures at their own speed. It sounds like such a fun idea and really easy to organize, once you’ve taken into account the international driving permits and laws of the country or countries that you have chosen for the road trip.

Beach Holidays

Sun, sea, and surf, what setting could be better for relaxing away from daily life? Grab your best friend and head to the ocean to spend a relaxing holiday watching waves break on the shore or going in the sea to cool off. This kind of holiday will allow the pair of you to spend time together taking things at a slower pace and be able to change your plans depending on what’s on offer.


If you and your best friend prefer somewhere a little more private and have the ability to drive, a villa holiday is definitely one of the more fun trips that you can take together. Embrace the culture at the same time as relaxing beside the pool without having to share it with others. In a villa you have the opportunity to self-cater your holiday and spend time in privacy or venture out into the country that you have chosen to visit, learning more about the culture and customs by interacting with the locals.

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City Breaks

City breaks are always attractive to those who like a faster pace of holiday and potentially shopping. There is so much available for you to do on a city break with your friends and there is usually something that will appeal to everyone no matter what their interests are, so should you wish to split up to see something that appeals to you instead of the pair of you that is definitely an option with this trip.


We all have friends that we haven’t seen in ages but would love to spend more time together given the opportunity. So, make the time. Arrange to take the same few days off and go away together, so that you can catch up and rekindle the friendship that you shared before. It is important to spend time with those with who you want a close relationship with otherwise the closeness will fade away. Pick somewhere that the pair of you want to visit, somewhere that you can spend time together without being distracted so that you can truly reconnect.

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Skiing Holidays

Learning a new skill is almost always more fun when you have a friend with you, so if you are looking for a more active holiday for you and your best friend, try a skiing holiday. It is ideal if this is the first time that you have both tried this activity because then you can share the experience, and have a laugh together. If one of you has been before, it could also be a time to work on your communication skills and teach each other how to ski.

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Another common fun holiday between friends is to go backpacking. It is almost exactly what it sounds like, you pack a bag and travel to different locations, staying at hostels and cheap hotels. This is the perfect break if you want to get away and explore different locations freely, similar to how you would on a road trip, but with fewer belongings.

There are so many different locations for you to explore and different trips that would suit different people. But with your best friend traveling with you, there is no doubt that each of the trips above will be immensely fun and give the pair of your time to rest and recharge while spending time together and building unforgettable memories.

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