6 Next Level Content Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

, 6 Next Level Content Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business
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6 Next Level Content Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

There’s a reason why businesses of all sizes are investing in their content marketing departments and strategies: it works. According to recent statistics from Content Marketing Institute, content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search.

But there’s a little more to grow content marketing strategy rather than just creating blog posts and hoping they drive sales.

You already know that blog and email marketing campaigns can reap great results. In this article, we’ll look at how to take your content marketing strategy to the next level and make it more effective.

Be flexible when developing your buyer persona

If you’ve spent some time working on your marketing, you’ve probably developed some buyer persona and thought about targeting your content for them. But how long ago did you create them? Is it time to take a look at these characters to see if they’re still relevant?

We recommend reviewing your buyer persona quarterly. Think about recent company goals and marketing initiatives, and reflect on demographic data and campaign results. Then ask yourself if the personality traits you’ve developed in the past still meet your goals and ideal customer.

This is a smart item to include in your annual marketing plan to keep the team on track.

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Share your success stories

One of the most powerful tools in any content marketer’s arsenal is storytelling. It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday slogans of sales-driven content, but don’t overlook all the ways your company has helped people. If you have access to reviews, it’s a great source of information to see what stands out about your product or service and sets it apart for your customers.

You may also want to follow up with some of your best customers for a quick call to discuss their buying journey. This can deliver an easy-to-understand, easy-to-use story that can help encourage other customers to follow the channel. You can use these stories in your digital marketing materials, blog posts, and email marketing campaigns, as well as anywhere else where a huge amount of storytelling power can be used.

Highlight your team

There’s something about having a human face and voice to attach a name to the other end of the computer that makes people feel good. That could be why so many businesses are integrating more video into their marketing strategy.

With more money going into these assets, make sure to highlight your team members. Showing recognition not only fosters positive sentiment internally, but it can also help your customers feel more comfortable and warm towards your company as a whole.

Think about ways to integrate this into your strategy. It could be as simple as adding a “trick corner” in your email marketing communication to let customers know something interesting about your team, or it could be that your blog post comes from a member of your team. group member, written in the first person. Personalization is important.

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Serious about feedback

It’s not groundbreaking information, but gathering analytics can be helpful when shaping expectations for the next month, quarter, and year on your content marketing calendar. However, it can be really easy to slip the attenuation results. Be strict with yourself and your team when it comes to tangible analytics like click-through and open rates on emails or traffic on a blog post.

If there is a drastic drop in numbers, don’t expect them to improve due to thin air. Talk openly with your team about what can be done to turn things around. Don’t blame anyone, but make sure everyone feels equally invested in your results.

Creative reuse

Chances are your company is providing a lot of content, both inside and outside the marketing department. While you have a good grasp of what’s going on in marketing, see if there’s any other reusable content out there.

Has anyone done research or research that you can turn into a case study? Is your COO flirting as a blogger? Are there interesting internal reports that customers may be interested in? With a little bit of editing magic, you can expand your content marketing strategy to include parts of your business that you may not have promoted before.

Find ways to expand your reach

It’s easy to get bogged down trying to meet deadlines and hit your web traffic, leads, and sales metrics. However, it’s important to see what others are doing with their content marketing strategies in and out of your industry. This doesn’t mean just attending the annual convention and shaking hands, but proactively meeting people who are exploring innovative areas of marketing.

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One way to do this is to trade content where each person writes posts for each other’s sites, even if it’s not in your immediate niche. If your content partner is in an adjacent niche or industry, that can bring in web traffic from new people who would never have found you otherwise, which could lead to More sales for your business.

It’s always worth trying something new, and a curious mind can lead to new initiatives that can seriously affect the way you conduct business. If you have a big idea, try to find a way to execute it, even if it means putting in a few more hours. Big ideas are often game changers.

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