6 habits to do on Sunday to start the new week gently

, 6 habits to do on Sunday to start the new week gently

Sunday is a time to rest and recharge, don’t waste time on tasks that drain your energy.

Sunday is a rare day off after the whole work week, but it is also the start of a whole new week. Many people choose to sleep in until noon and lie down and watch TV programs for the rest of the day. It’s like you’ve just wasted a day and are rushing to prepare for the next working week.

So here are some suggestions to make your Sunday light and leisurely, while still getting work done and ready for the new week.

1. Take time to plan for the new week

You should temporarily stay away from games on “mobile phones” or computers and spend time planning and preparing for work next week. Dr. Christine M. Allen confirmed to Business Insider , organizing work helps you feel relaxed, less anxious and ready to welcome the new week. You can check your schedule, email a note to a colleague, or remind yourself to prioritize important tasks first.

And if you really want to have a happy Sunday, as well as a good start to the week, try typing out the tasks that bother you first instead of waiting until you have to. In addition, prepare meals for the new week, arrange your clothes neatly to avoid the next week you are “desperate” because you do not know what to wear.

2. Add healthy foods to your diet

Too much self-indulgence, constantly going to weekend drinking parties with friends can make the new week stressful and worse. Debra Nessel, a registered dietitian at Memorial Torrance Medical Center in Torrance, California, asserts that consuming too much alcohol, alcoholic beverages, and junk food makes your day always in a state of fatigue.

Instead, you should eat 3 full meals on Sunday, supplemented with lean protein and complex carbs. Add a variety of fiber-rich fruits and vegetables to your diet, which not only aids digestion but also gives you steady energy.

3. Make the weekend more meaningful

Don’t lie on the couch to watch a show or series, take time to exercise and relax your mind, spend time with family and the people you love. Plan a yoga session with friends or participate in volunteer activities, do a lot of meaningful work and reset your spirit and mood, surely your new day will be filled with excitement.

A lot of us spend too much time on computers and phones for entertainment and work, and that somewhat drains our energy.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a 30-minute routine or a few hours, spend your Sunday with some quiet, fun time. You can eat breakfast slowly, journal, read a book on the couch, or simply have a slow morning get out of bed. Whatever you choose to do, remove electricity from that routine.

6 habits to follow on Sunday to start a new week gently - Photo 2.6 habits to follow on Sunday to start a new week gently - Photo 2.

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4. Focus on the positive

Hard work, grumbling co-workers, bad coffee – those thoughts can make you cringe, creating an invisible fear of “seconds”.

Instead, focus on the positive things that can happen when you start work again in the new week. Spend some time on Sunday thinking about what can help you enjoy work more. Try to remember how difficult and determined those early days were. And imagine, if you do well, what will you get, be it a compliment, a raise or a trip…

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5. Play the game

Get your friends and kids involved in games and activities that “stimulate creative thinking, encourage single-tasking, and boost confidence,” according to Maura Thomas, founder of RegainYourTime.com and Author of “Secret Personal Productivity”. This gets you back on your feet, starting Monday morning feeling fresh and creative.

6. Get enough sleep

A good Sunday night is the best way to avoid “crazy” Mondays; it will help you handle stress, be more optimistic, improve your mood, make you feel alert and energized, ready to “get up” to tackle the work of the beginning of the week, not “withdraw” into the blanket.

Dr. Michael Breus, sleep expert and author of “The Power of When” says, eat healthy, do not eat 2.5 hours before bedtime for a deeper and better sleep. Do not drink alcohol, alcoholic beverages or caffeine, especially, daily exercise will help improve sleep quality.

According to Business Insider

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