6 Different Types Outdoor Bike Storage

, 6 Different Types Outdoor Bike Storage

Maintaining a healthy and fit body is of utmost importance, regardless of your age. One of the most effective ways of losing weight is through biking. Nowadays, biking has evolved from being just a convenient vehicle to outdoor, extreme sports.

If you own a bike, you may have also encountered issues with keeping your bicycles safe and stored in a nice place. Unlike other vehicles, you can keep a bike both inside the house or in the garage. However, you cannot just park them anywhere, right? If you can’t park them inside your house or you don’t have ample space in your garage, here are different outdoor bike storage to choose from.

You can also check out these outdoor bike storage ideas before you make a purchase.

1. Bike Storage Tent

It’s one of the cheapest and economical choices for storing your bike. However, it’s not necessarily pleasant in the eyes. Choosing a tent as your bike storage solves guard your it from theft. It’s easy to set up and you can install it anywhere in your backyard or near your garage. Bike storage tents are usually made out of vinyl tarpaulin materials, the same as any other outdoor tents, which makes it easier to assemble and disassemble when needed. It can easily adapt to many kinds of weather as it is also waterproof.

2. Bicycle Storage Unit

It’s like a small garage or storage unit that you can set up in your backyard. If you want to have a durable design that can perfectly fit your bicycle, you can choose a metal-finish with locks. The good thing about this is that you can also customize its design based on what you need. There are different makes and models for a bicycle storage unit. Some are made fire-resistant, which adds additional protection to your bicycle, while some are made with customized padlocks to keep your bikes safe. If you’re lucky, you can also find bike storage units that you can assemble yourself.

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3. Wooden Bike Storage

Nothing beats classic wooden storage where you can store up to 2 bikes. Imagine having a small barn in your backyard, but instead of hays and horses, you will have your bicycles stored in it. This is ideal if you have a pleasant garden or a large backyard. Installing wooden bike storage can add to the ambiance of your home. For this, you can have two front doors with locks, the same as the door of a barn. But what separates this concept is that the bike storage can also be your mini tool shed for your bike tools and equipment. You can install hooks, drawers, and mini cabinets to put in your bicycle’s spare parts.

4. Basic Bike Shed

Can you imagine those outdoor sheds that you use for garbage bins? It’s the same concept for bicycle sheds. It’s closed walls made of plastic panels that look closely like a fence but with a top lid. To make sure that your bike will be safe at all times, you can install a secured lock on the coverlid. One of the many interesting features of using a bike shed is that you can open it from the top. This gives you easy access to take it out in case you need to for a ride or if you want to clean it. However, one downside of this is that it doesn’t have a floor panel. It means that your bike will be on the floor of wherever you are going to install it. For example, if you will put the shed in the garage, your bike will be directly touching the floor of the garage. If you’re installing it in the backyard, it’s directly on top of your lawn. It’s more like a secured divider if you will come to think of it.

5. Metal Bike Shed

This one is a little upgrade from the previous bike storage. It’s a shed that’s made of steel and designed like a box. If you will set up a bigger metal bike shed, it can hold up to four bikes because of its durability. Metal bike sheds also have doors where you can install a lock to keep your bicycles safe all the time. And another upgrade from a normal bike shed is that it’s a box so you can keep your wheels in excellent condition even if it’s stored for a longer time.

6. Bike Locker

A bicycle locker is probably one of the most convenient types of outdoor bike storage. However, it will only work if your bike is foldable or if your locker is big enough to fit an adult-sized bike. Most bike lockers are designed for public areas such as schools, tourist spots, and other attractions. What does it look like? Well, you can imagine a typical locker in your school. It’s like that, but higher and made with more durable steel. The best thing about these types of locker storage is that it’s really secured because they are made with combination locks or have the feature of installing a secured padlock.

Other factors to consider:

Of course, not all bike storage and sheds will fit your needs. Select the right bike storage that will fit your budget and preferences. Here are other factors that you can consider:

Size – Measure your bicycle and the storage unit or shed before purchasing it. You should remember that these come in a variety of sizes, regardless of the designs. You also need to consider the location where you’re going to place the storage unit. Make sure that it will fit properly to avoid any damage.

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Materials – You have to carefully choose whether you want to use wood, metal, plastic, or vinyl. Each of these materials has different strengths and weaknesses. So, it’s important to make a pros and cons list before buying.

Price – More than just considering your budget, you also have to check its worthiness. Not all cheap units have low quality and not all expensive storage units promise sturdiness. It always pays to do a little research, too.

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Are you ready to give your bicycles a new home? Start checking out some designs today!

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