5 creative ways to find good employees

, 5 creative ways to find good employees
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5 creative ways to find good employees

Author: Meredith Wood | February 27, 2019

Finding great employees can be difficult, especially unemployment rate reached its lowest level since 1969. Competition for top talent is high and employers need to step up the game if they want to attract great candidates to work at their companies. Some companies take trendy roadmaps, focusing on company culture by offering free snacks and a dog-friendly office. Others try to attract potential customers through work-from-home opportunities and other telecommuting incentives.

But these perks don’t solve the biggest problem of hiring today: finding great employees and job candidates in the first place. The real race to find talent has to start with finding the best leads you can find.

This means enhancing the position of competitors when recruiting. Building creative ways to find great employees can be challenging, but here are five tactics that can definitely help you attract the right kind of employees to strengthen your business.

Scope of the contest

The competitive job market means employees have a bit of leverage over their employers. In today’s job market, around half of the staff are looking for their next career challenge. Economic conditions make it tempting for many people to look for a new job, especially if they’ve waited out the global recession with a low-paying job or one for which they’re overqualified.

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A buyer’s market means companies have to get creative to retain their talent. Those who choose not to retain their talent through salary increases, bonuses or other perks may be hunted down by other companies for their employees.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to potential clients with the skills you’re looking for. The ability to chat will benefit you if half of the country’s workforce is actively looking for work elsewhere. With a good pitch and a compelling offer, you can convince your competitors’ top talent to join your team.

Find industry influencers

Social media platforms like LinkedIn not only great for texting potential employees. They also give you the opportunity to see who is leading conversations about your industry and who has the most active voice in these conversations. The more people participate in online discussions, the more prominent they become on social media. Algorithms tend to reward active users, which means you can attract an influencer that makes a difference to your business.

Even if leaders think industry leaders aren’t ready to dive into a new career opportunity, they can be a great amplifier for your vacancies. Better yet, they may also be more willing to recommend candidates to you from their broader social network. Enlisting others to help you do the recruiting for you is inevitable, especially since it provides these influencers with an additional dose of influence within their industry.

Based on employee referrals

Your employees are your best resource — not only because of the value they bring to your business, but also because they can provide you with great candidate lead opportunities.

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Employee referrals tend to provide more qualified candidates because they are personally tested by current employees who have put their reputation first by referring them. Follow Human Resource Management Association, 30% of all hires come from employee referrals, which means you should contact your employees for referrals if you haven’t already done so.

To kickstart your employee onboarding efforts, offer your employees incentives for any employees they bring on board. This can take the form of bonuses or financial rewards, although non-monetary perks like extra days off or other fringe benefits can do the trick if money isn’t an option.

Reach out to your alumni network

Don’t overlook the value of your college alumni network in finding great talent. If your school’s network is particularly strong, you can use it as a steady stream for job applicants. This tactic is especially useful if you’re recruiting for entry-level positions or just starting out in your career. Most recent college graduates are looking for any openings they can find, and tapping into the alumni network will help you get seen in ways other platforms can’t. provided.

The college alumni network is just the beginning. Tap into your former employee network (commonly known as the alumni network) to solicit referrals. Even if your former employees no longer work for your business, they will likely recommend your company to friends and colleagues if they leave on friendly terms.

If you don’t have a current staff alumni network, consider building one for the future. This can work in the long run as you want to hire more employees in the years to come.

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Tailor your job postings to each network

Each recruitment platform attracts a different number of clients. LinkedIn users differ in demographics and career interests from those on AngelList. Tailoring your job postings to resonate with the core audience of each career site can help you attract more candidates.

Consider tapping into networks you haven’t thought of before. Looking for millennium talent? Instagram Stories or Snapchat can be a great way to engage the younger generation. Post your open jobs on social media platform and encourage your clients to share any good candidates they may have.

The most profitable thing you can do when trying to find great employees is take a risk. Don’t be afraid to try new tactics, rely on unique resources and test your methods. You will find that there may be new approaches that yield better results than the tried-and-true techniques you’ve used in the past.

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