5 Best Affordable Colleges in the United States for Students from Vietnam: Tips on How to Choose and Enter

, 5 Best Affordable Colleges in the United States for Students from Vietnam: Tips on How to Choose and Enter

International students have a variety of college options in front of them to choose from. The Vietnamese students looking for suitable courses can find plenty of good institutions in The United States Of America. It is important to narrow down on a few institutes that may offer quality education for students coming from overseas.

Apart from quality education, other factors like fee, campus amenities, sponsorship allowances are important to keep in mind while selecting the college.

University of South Florida

The University of South Florida is a good choice for Vietnamese students as students from many other countries like India, Saudi Arabia, and China prefer admission here. The international student population is close to 10.8%, indicating that the college is a rather good mix of students from different countries and backgrounds.

The average fee comes to about $17,324 for a year, and to calculate the average free for graduation, the amount sums up to $21,126 for a year. The college is highly ranked for its fee and comes under the category of affordable college for international students.

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Truman State University, Missouri

If you choose to join Truman State University, you are sure to meet with brilliant minds and connect with the best professors. This is a medium-sized institution that, on average, graduates about 1,216 students in a year. The international Student rate is a sweet 6.7% and has seen students coming from Vietnam, China, and Nepal.

To talk about the average fee, it totals to up to $16,186 for a year. The college has an impressive freshman retention rate of 86% and is a true value for the fee it charges for quality education.

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, 5 Best Affordable Colleges in the United States for Students from Vietnam: Tips on How to Choose and Enter

, 5 Best Affordable Colleges in the United States for Students from Vietnam: Tips on How to Choose and Enter

Brigham University, Utah

Brigham University is highly ranked and has even topped the list for being a great fit for Vietnamese students. The institution has a high student population ratio and hands about 7,000 bachelor’s degrees each year.

The international Student percentage equals about 3.8% and most students come from South Korea, Canada, and China. To invite students to come and attend college, they also offer an out-of-state fee of $5,790 and the average tuition fee amounts to $7,290 per year. Their freshman retention rate is as high as 90% and that is testament enough that they do a great job in student retention and offer quality education.


Iowa State University

The Iowa State University is often among the top-ranked and highly credible institutions for further studies, especially for international students. With a large batch of students, the average graduation each year is 7,380 students.

Talking of their international Student percentage, it goes up as high as 10.5%. Most international students come from China, Malaysia, and India. On average, the fee to attend this school is $24,000.

Adding to these benefits, the Iowa State University also has secured ranks in terms of money and has always presented itself to be an affordable college for students coming from overseas. Their 87% retention rate proves that the college offers an inclusive study environment and is aimed at growth for students and delivering quality education.


South Dakota University

The South Dakota University is a large-sized public college in the region and hands out about 2,000 bachelor’s degrees at once. International students that account for about 6.7% of the population come from Saudi Arabia, India, Nepal, and Vietnam.

The university ranks high even on the budget list, making it quite an affordable option for students. The institution firmly believes in diversity and inclusion for students from different cultures, backgrounds, and countries.



An aspiring student must look for colleges that pay enough attention to their diversity and cultural differences. As more students opt to travel to different countries for education, it is important to factor in the fee and accommodation requirements to achieve quality education. Choose from the list of colleges closest to your education expectations, fee structure, and accessibility. Speaking to counselors and experts can help you make the right decision.

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