4 Office Space Ideas for Fostering Social Interaction in the Office

, 4 Office Space Ideas for Fostering Social Interaction in the Office

, 4 Office Space Ideas for Fostering Social Interaction in the Office

The pandemic took a lot out of the world. In fact, it changed the very nature of the way we work. WFH or work from home became the norm rather than the exception. However, the era of pottering around barefoot in pajamas while making important calls and attending zoom meetings is now slowly drawing to a close. But, this does not mean that it will be business as usual. If there is one thing the pandemic has taught us is that there are a lot of better ways of running an office when compared to the way things were run back in the days before the COVID 19 pandemic. As of now, a whole new set of design principles have now started enabling various organizations to create a much better overall work experience for their employees and other people. This is why we can put to good use everything we have learned to create a greater sense of social cohesion and interaction in the workplace: Let us see how we can go about doing precisely that:

  • The me+ we principle 

This principle is all about equally supporting various individuals even as it increases teamwork. When you decide to design an office, you should consider creating a social space. This would be an area where different people focus on individual work even as they are constantly stimulated by the high levels of energy and the buzz around them. Within this setting, you will do well to install acoustic panels on the walls. This will provide a measure of privacy and also ensure that different teams can get to work brainstorming ideas without being disturbed. In fact, such channels will also go a long way in reducing the ambient sounds coming from adjacent spaces. This will allow staff members to host informal conversations and meetings in a very relaxed environment. Installing comfortable armchairs will also help workers to feel relaxed while various side tables and wheeled trolleys could also become part of such spaces so that they could be moved around, as and when necessary.  

  • Consider renting a shared office space 
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Renting office spaces is also a great way of helping to curtail expenses as it improves employee wellbeing. There are plenty of shared office spaces all over the US that has been created expressly for the purpose of fostering social interaction and cohesion at the workplace. These spaces exist in Delaware Texas, Chicago Illinois, Seattle Washington, and plenty of other locations going all the way from Miami to New York. You can even find office space in Atlanta as well. These shared spaces create an informal atmosphere where bosses and subordinates alike can learn to relax and enjoy their working hours. The semi-formality is a step above the absolute informality of the WFH mode and is yet much easier to work with when compared to the formal office mode. Moreover, such shared spaces are considerably less expensive when compared to a formal office setting. 

  • The community hub model 

This type of social space is also able to support many different types of work modes. These include brainstorming, socializing, and other ways of exchanging ideas. It entails very comfortable and informal furniture settings that are designed to create living room-like spaces so as to ensure a truly authentic experience that will get the creative juices flowing freely. Here, all kinds of benches, chairs, and stools can easily be pulled all around a whiteboard that will be the staging point of brainstorming and idea sessions. 

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  • Multi-model space 

This type of social setting will support multiple modes and working styles and it is suitable for both individuals as well as small groups. It contains a mix of seating and multiple table arrangements to support different postures and preferences. At the same time, light semitransparent dividers are able to provide privacy from adjacent spaces while making the workers feel part of the same community. 

  • Conclusion
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There are different kinds of office space ideas that can foster social cohesion. For example, office space in Atlanta can provide the ideal informal office setting at a very decent rate. Apart from that, community hubs and multi-model spaces can also get the job done. 


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