2 signs that you are a blessed person

, 2 signs that you are a blessed person

People often think that blessings are from God, but that is not the case! The blessings of each person are obtained by themselves through their own thoughts and actions.

In human life, those who do not have to go through many hardships and hardships, have happiness, learn wisdom in the difficult, so that humanity can develop more and more. However, there are some people who always do not want to face their own difficulties and find ways to escape, but everyone knows that evasion is only a temporary method, if they want to completely solve the source of the problem. If the root of tribulation must be bravely faced, then the road to the future will become more and more open, and new blessings will come uninvited.

Gui Guzi, a famous strategist in the Warring States period of China, said that people with more merit than ordinary people have the following two characteristics if they can work, they will succeed in everything they do!

1. Know how to control their desires

When it’s cold one has to wear clothes, when it’s hungry one has to eat, etc. In order to survive, humans cannot be without desires.

But that doesn’t mean that people can be liberal with desires, if we are too liberal to ignore it, we will become slaves of lust, so how can we achieve true happiness?

In Arabic there is a story like this:

An old monk was practicing in a cave when suddenly an injured deer ran into the cave. Outside the cave, there was a team of horsemen in pursuit, it turned out that this deer was shot by the king while hunting in the mountains.

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The monk used his large cloak to cover the deer.

The king’s men chased after him and asked the monk if he had seen the deer, but he just turned a blind eye and did not answer. The soldiers were angry and threatened to kill him.

At this time, the monk said: “Your king is the slave of my slave.”

2 signs to know if you are a person with a blessing or not: The more obvious the feature, the deeper the blessing, do not invite yourself! - Photo 1.2 signs to know if you are a person with a blessing or not: The more obvious the feature, the deeper the blessing, do not invite yourself! - Photo 1.

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When they heard that, the king’s soldiers became even more angry, they drew their swords to slash at the priest, but the king just walked in.

The monk said: “In the past, I used to be a slave of lust, but now that I have practiced cultivation, I no longer listen to the commands of lust. I can give opposite orders to lust, and lust. Even though you are a king, your heart is full of lust, even a deer does not want to give up, it can be seen that you are obeying the command of lust and a slave of lust .”

The king saw that this monk was right, his words were also full of philosophy, so he let go of the deer, then withdrew from the monk’s cave.

Therefore, it is important to keep reason and wisdom, when wrong thoughts and desires appear, they must be immediately aware and eliminated, only then will life be smooth and happy. New air has not invited that come.

2. Know what’s wrong and correct it

In life, everyone will make mistakes, like the saying: “Saints were once human, the devil may not have a future.” The most important thing is that you know how to face the mistakes you make.

If a person has the spirit of learning, knowing how to learn from mistakes, it is really valuable. Successful people often choose to correct mistakes at the right time, so that they can turn disasters into blessings, as well as accumulate some success experiences for themselves. And those who fail often choose to let themselves fall into the abyss, and then spend their whole life regretting, blaming, and suffering.

Most opportunities in life are often very elusive, so we must know how to correct ourselves when we make mistakes. When faced with mixed emotions, you have to convince yourself to stay rational, that is the only way to cultivate your own inner strength.

Everyone wants to have many blessings to protect themselves, everything will go smoothly, but excessive blessings will also backfire, bringing disaster to the body. Only in accordance with nature can the flow of blessings flow downstream to you.

If you tolerate your own evil desires, you are going against nature. Making a mistake and not correcting it is like digging your own grave! If you do the above 2 things, I am sure that your future will be silk-carpeted roads, blessings will not invite themselves.

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