16 countries have Vietnam recognized vaccine passports

Following the direction of the Government Leader in Official Letter No. 1606/VPCP-QHQT of the Government Office regarding the negotiation and mutual recognition of vaccine passports with countries/territories, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued Official Letter 967/BNG-LS on notification of recognition of vaccine passports to countries.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces the official recognition on the principle of reciprocity with the Certificate of Covid-19 Immunization/Certificate of Healing from Covid-19 (collectively referred to as the Vaccine Passport) with the following countries: USA, UK, Japan, Australia, Belarus, India, Philippines, Maldives, Palestine, Turkey, Egypt, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Singapore, Saint Lucia and South Korea.

Holders of vaccine passports from these countries entering Vietnam and from Vietnam to these countries may apply the same medical measures as those who have been vaccinated in their home country.

This recognition includes exemption from the consular certification/legalization procedure when using this document in the receiving country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has posted detailed information on the list of countries/territories with similar conditions and recognized vaccine passport forms on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Web Portal (https://mofa.gov.vn/vi/) and the Consular Information Portal (https://anhsuvietnam.gov.vn) for monitoring and searching by agencies.

For vaccine passports of countries and territories that have introduced the official form to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam, the agencies will continue to provide temporary solutions as announced by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the direction of allowing people to who have been vaccinated, bring the Certificate directly back to the country.

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The domestic authorities will review and compare with the officially introduced samples. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will have information on the adjustment of the above-mentioned temporary solution in the near future (if any).

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